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Friday, April 9, 2021

Gulf Cartel Faction Boss 'El Vaquero' Was On the Local Government's Payroll

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Note: To read about his recent arrest, please click this hyperlink.

Matamoros mayor Mario López Hernández ('La Borrega') from the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party

Evaristo Cruz Sanchez ('El Vaquero'), a Gulf Cartel faction boss that was recently arrested in Nuevo Leon, was on the payroll system of the municipal government of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

The alleged drug kingpin received a gross monthly salary of MXN$10,000 (about US$500) as an assigned member of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat under Matamoros mayor Mario López Hernández ('La Borrega').

According to the National Transparency Platform, 'El Vaquero' was incorporated into the municipal government with the position of municipal watchman since January 1, 2018. With this position, 'El Vaquero' had an official public security identification card.

A source consulted by Borderland Beat confirmed that the municipal watchman position was created in the administration of Tomas Yarrington Ruvalcaba, former Governor of Tamaulipas who recently pleaded guilty to money laundering in a US courtroom.

Screenshot showing the payroll information of El Vaquero. His information was removed from the portal by the federal government, and the Matamoros mayor now claims El Vaquero was never under the government's payroll.


El Vaquero was arrested by the Mexican Army in Salinas Victoria, a municipality of the Monterrey metropolitan area, earlier this week. He was arrested with an individual who was a former Zetas member and was actively working for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Sources in Tamaulipas consulted by Borderland Beat told us that El Vaquero was planning to meet with members of the CJNG in San Luis Potosi prior to his arrest.

On several occasions, El Vaquero used taxi drivers and bus drivers to block streets in Matamoros to prevent authorities from capturing him. They claimed to be holding a peaceful protest, but unnamed U.S. officials stated that the protesters were organized by El Vaquero after Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca ordered Mexico's drug task force to crack down on cartel violence in the area.

El Vaquero was initially a member of the Matamoros faction Los Ciclones, but he had a fall out with the group and sided with Jose Alfredo Cardenas Martinez ('El Contador') and created another faction, Los Espartanos. El Vaquero's group was mostly active outside of Tamaulipas, particularly in San Luis Potosi and the State of Mexico.

Lopez-Sandoval is a member of Grupo Tiburones, a faction of the Gulf Cartel in Rio Bravo Municipality.

Citizen journalists in Tamaulipas informed this week that there is a successor to El Vaquero.

Among the names withdrawn from the cartel's successor hat is Oscar Antonio Lopez Sandoval ('La Droga' and/or 'Ciclon 89'). Sources say he is the Gulf Cartel plaza boss in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, a small Mexican border town that is a popular medical tourism destination for Texas residents.

Another possible successor is Gerardo Meade Benavides ('La Perra'), a close associate of El Vaquero. He was arrested last year, but a source consulted by Borderland Beat confirmed that he was released and returned to Matamoros. 

Sources: Radio Formula; El Manana; El Universal; Borderland Beat archives; Anonymous sources


  1. These so called comandantes and leaders are nothing but pawns. The cdg money makers live in the U.S. and some with protection from authorities.

    1. Which ones live in the US?

    2. What cdg leaders live in the states?

      It’s all family members of deceased or jailed cdg comadantes who live in the states

    3. El se refiere a los verdaderos Capos del Golfo, todas esas facciones puñeteras que se hacen llamar CDG son puro pendejo que no saben ni para quien trabajan, movedores de mercancía y generadores de violencia y los Jefes bien agusto en Los Vientos forrados en feria con solo hacer llamadas y hacer creer que unos pendejos por nombrarlos Comandantes ya son Dueños de Cartel.


    4. For sure oziel is calling the shots.

      El cuate or el contador are following orders but don’t have enough pull to control the Reynosa or frontera chica factions!

  2. This is embarrassing, payed by AMLOS party-----Morena.

  3. CJNG SAPOacanos turn Vaquero over to the GOVERMENT 😀 Should have never trust that government informant of Viejo mugroso mencho 😂 who turn his daughter and son over to DEA 😬

  4. Not sure why but That is fucking hilarious 😂

  5. Great! More fuel added to the fire of corruption. An endless cycle which only stagnate progress in change.

    Good article BB.


    there is some more info on him

  7. The card says employed from 2018 to 2019, can we see the renewal contracts?

  8. Didnt La Droga C-89 die awhile back. He was the leading the attack against the Metros when El Toro was alive.

  9. I don’t know nada but I think maybe CJNG trying to make peace with Matamoros since the Cardenas family have ties in Jalisco. Most simi & old school Metros are death or in prison. Perhaps this is why mencho turn his back on Vaquero.

    1. Cardenas had or has ties with LFM
      Even when M3 was alive he was with LFM
      So now these new cdg players are with CJNG

    2. What you mean ? Did not mencho hate el vaquero i mean the cjng people in san luis always complaing about him


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