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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tonalá, Jalisco: The Massacre On Calle Rucias Negras


Nothing links the 11 victims with any criminal group. The intention of the hitmen was to execute, with the greatest fury possible, the group

They had just received their “pay”, they were drinking can beers in front of the contractor's house, sitting on a cement banquet on Rucias Negras street, in the La Jauja neighborhood, in Tonalá, Jalisco.

In the pick-up truck that was next to them there were still the shovels, the sledgehammers, the work tools that they had used during the day.

That Saturday afternoon they heard them laugh for the last time. A dark truck pulled up down the street. The neighbors who witnessed this didn’t open the door to the police, but it’s believed that at least four armed men arrived aboard a dark vehicle and shot them as if instead of them being a group of bricklayers drinking they were shooting at members of a rival group.

More than 150 shell casings from AK-47s and .40 caliber were left in the street.

The photos that circulated that afternoon are of unspeakable violence. Eleven construction workers, ages 17 to 60, were split by bullets, lying in puddles where their blood was mixed up.

There were reports of a chase, and of vehicles that fled towards Zapotlanejo: it was even searched for with a helicopter, but the authorities couldn’t detect anything.

The street where the hitmen unleashed their gunfire was turned into a hell of screaming, crying, hysteria.

Tonalá returns again and again to the headlines. In October 2018, the discovery of nine clandestine graves in the Agua Escondida neighborhood exploded in the media. It was a black construction site in which at least eight people were kidnapped, tortured, and dismembered.

The investigators of the prosecution collected testimonies about trucks and recent model cars that arrived at night at that place, and of screams "that once frightened even a visitor," according to a woman.

Nine months (July 2019) later, 21 bodies were found in an abandoned farm in the Santa Cruz de las Huertas neighborhood. Three were buried in a chamber; another eight were distributed in eleven plastic bags; the rest buried in a 200 square meter patio.

In January of the following year, another property located on the road to Matlatlán found 26 bags with human bodies. One of these corresponded to that of a UdeG student, only 18 years old, who disappeared nine months ago.

Tonalá was the municipality of Jalisco with the most homicides of policemen in 2019. At the end of that year it was reported that some of its colonies were among the most dangerous in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, and after robberies and murders suffered by several drivers, companies such as Uber and Didi suspended their services in the area.

Massacres and multi-homicides are not rare. As in the rest of the state, 90 percent of murders are associated with organized crime.

The authorities have so far found nothing to link the eleven victims of Rucias Negras with the activities of a criminal group.

After the events of Saturday, a rumor was unleashed about the possibility that the masons had worked in the ground work of clandestine graves.

In September 2008, 24 bricklayers were found barefoot, bound hand and foot, with signs of torture and gunshots to their heads in Ocoyoacac, near La Marquesa.

The investigations indicated that they came from Puebla, Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Veracruz: someone had offered them a job and contracted them for a job in Mexico City.

A Beltrán Leyva operator, Raúl Villa Ortega, known as El R or El Rule, had taken them out of a house in Huixquilucan, with the support of a police commander named Antonio Ramírez Cervantes.

The rumors were identical: that they had been used in the construction of tunnels and hiding places inside safe houses, in an area where Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, and José Gerardo Álvarez Vázquez, El Indio, operated at the time.

Some time later, when Alfredo Castillo, then the attorney for Edomex, was arrested, the bloodthirsty Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya —aka El Compayito or La Mano con Ojos— revealed that the bricklayers were innocent: that what signed their death sentence was that “they had seen faces ”.

The street where the bricklayers were shot is today covered with candles. The walls look like their final resting place. According to the evidence collected in the La Jauja neighborhood, sources from the prosecution say that the hit men were not looking for a specific person. The intention was to execute, with the greatest fury possible, the whole group.

Why? It’s not known. To this day, this is another story from Mexico that only delivers blood, and no response.


  1. Looks like someones heating up the plaza or maybe just hanging out at wrong trap spot

  2. Very Sad and upsetting these deaths

    And to think this happens in Vacation areas where Gringos spend their holidays with no cares in the World and blocks away death and murder is taking place

    Boycott Mexico until innocents get real Justice

  3. This what these scumbag terrorist of the Cjng do is kill innocent people that nobody likes them they’ve become worst than zetas straight scumbags trash

    1. 12:19 AM This is exactly what a member of Carteles Unidos would write. Word by word it is the same shit I see written on their social media pages makes you think.

      Tonala, Zapopan, Tlajumulco de Zuniga, Tlaquepaque are all war zones you have Alfaro and his henchmen killing people, you have the coroneles killing people, you have el cholo and his Nueva Plaza killing people, you have CJNG killing people.

    2. @1:30 No one likes either group both are corriente as fuck. Everyone dislikes CJNG not only Cárteles Unidos amigo.

  4. The way it works, is alfaro uses crimes to prove his beloved state needs more, More, and MORE "budget" and if he has to, he will get the crimes done by his own cuicos.

    1. There is also a lot of infighting between local government and federal government from AMLO.

    2. 7:31 WRONG,
      AMLO has not been fighting anything but alfaro's greed and that without attacking alfaro or his policies, just refusing to bend over.

  5. WOW.
    Tan triste, SO sad.

    Gracias, Sol

  6. AMLO refuses to give alfaro more money and la luz de cristo church can't help because their pederasta leader is in prison, AMLO is persecuting criminal governors like alfaro and cabeza de cagadas de vacas, AMLO will chop off the hands of el bronco rodriguez ("alias la Mula") por ratero, the whole federation believes Brozo can save them when he can't even get chayote for himself, killing another dozen "bricklawyers" might help...

  7. This looks like cds 101 tactics like cd juarez when they were fighting cartel de juarez, why would cjng want to heat their own plaza? Now more Federal forces are gonna be sent to jalisco, just like when cds killed a bunch of high schoolers in juarez and more federal forces went in to juarez, not saying cjng are not capable of doing this shit, maybe a few cjng chrystal heads who were paranoid, but it still looks more like cds heating up the plaza

    1. 1:00pm CDS has a presence in GDL metro just as much as cjng guy. NP and CDS has about 60-70% of GDL metro as CDS never left.

    2. 6:55 where you get those numbers from? Guadalajara is a big city i bet theres some z, beltranes and even viagras plus local gangs laundering money but to say cds has any control you must be crazy, lets put it this way cjng is making deals with guys in culiacan also, does that make culiacan cjng plaza? Nop the same goes here in guanatos, cds might have precense but they dont control shit

    3. @7:09 What you don't get is that you shouldn't bet on shit that you do not undestand. Jalisco state been a Sinaloan capos plaza since always. Mencho is the new kid on the block and he hasn't been able to achieve shit. Right now he is causing nation wide violence and fucked up things for civilians, but Mencho and Cuinis never were that brave, someone is pulling their strings.

      -Don Corleone.

  8. Before the sinaloan capos plaza, it was the governor father in law of president luis echeverria alvarez and his good boy parnas generals maximinio avila camacho and marcelino garcia barragan representing the military and police that begat the DFS where guillermo gonzalez calferoni, amado carrillo fuentes, rafael aguilar, guajardo, rafael chao lopez "el chino chao", rafail caro quintero, javier garcia paniagua, son of Marcelino the Butcher of Tlatelolco and father of omar hamid garcia harfuch "the ghost of Ayotzinapa" theybwere all associated with CIA elements in Mexico whose directives and executives and iversighy committees have always covered up for them...
    Sinaloas have just been the fall guy suckers that got their arsehoods kicked to prison when the drug trafficking "Operation Iran/contra Bullshit" got their ass on fire, this is the whole motherfacking truth,
    no conspiracy theory.


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