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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Aspiring Mayor From Quintana Roo Killed in Apparent Political Feud

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Last week a hitman killed Ignacio “Nacho” Sanchez Cordero, Secretary of Social Development in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, and aspiring mayor for the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM).

Nacho was in a coffee shop with three other people when a gunman entered and shot him six times in the back before fleeing the scene. The first versions indicated that there were several wounded, but it was later confirmed that it was only a direct attack on the candidate.

During his campaign, Nacho was a proponent of ecotourism in Puerto Morelos, and wanted to shift away from the traditional tourism approach of only investing in hotels and bars.

Earlier this week, Quintana Roo's Attorney General's Office released a portrait of the suspect involved in the murder. Through their social media accounts, authorities have asked civilians to help identify and locate the man, the main suspect in the investigation. They believe he may have used the help of at least two accomplices.

Authorities found a banner days later where suspected cartel members accused Manuel González Tamanaja, another aspiring mayor from Puerto Morelos, of ordering Nacho's murder.

"Attention Tamanja, dog, I'm sure you're happy. You already had Nacho killed but now it's your turn you piece of shit. You are not saved from us, dog, you are on the list. Don't play stupid, we know everything … You paid MXN$1,000 to kill Nacho, but you are not saved from us", the text read.

Tamanja, however, denied such claims and said that Nacho was his friend.

Federal authorities say that Nacho did receive death threats before he was killed, and that he had accused former Puerto Morelos urban planner Tirso Esquivel Avila of wanting him dead. Nacho claimed that Esquivel Avila paid sicarios to kill him because he was a strong contender for mayor.

The facial composite of the suspected murder (left) was done earlier this week by federal invesigators. Nacho (right) had warned authorities that sicarios were after him and had asked for protection. He never received any.


The 2021 elections in Mexico will take place in an environment marked by violence. Drug cartel collusion in elections is a regional phenomenon. Security experts agree that criminal groups sometimes seek to control local officials and/or influence local elections to expand their agendas. Mayors are usually responsible for appointing local police chiefs and deciding who wins government contracts and concessions at a municipal level.

This year is not the first in which Mexican drug cartels ostensibly intervene in local elections. In 2018, at least 49 candidates were murdered during election season. 

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  1. Thanks BB... seems like he had good plans but went against the interest of other local kingpins. Sad story. Maybe it’s better to keep your mouth shut until you’re in office? What’s the solution here? The guy ran for mayor in his hometown and got killed for it.

  2. The killings of distinguished people have become a political norm for decades in Mexico. Until political muscle is hammered expect these cowardly acts to continue. Along with the pool of candidates to dwindle.

    1. Cancun means a lot of money to the pederastas like succar kuri that started selling pop in plastic bags on the street yelling "bueno bonito y barato, harbanito" and ended a billionaire hotel and restaurant magnate imprisoned for pederastia, like Pre-Fidel Cuba owned by US Mobsters.
      What is the dictamination of QR secretary of Public Security alberto capella ibarra (the self promoting "activist" that went from mexico city to tijuana to morelos to relieve leyzaola until he came to fuck up Cancun, always sponsored by mexican Godfathers of Total Crime the Hank Rohn Brothers)
      I am sure he does not want to end like ret general Tello Quiñones, whose murderer "El Vikingo" got released and went back to his private security bisness in Cancun...puro pinche criminal en todo el gobierno

    2. @ 12:50
      Asi es amigo.


    3. Sentenced to 17 years in prison. La Comandanta Bombon, maria del pilar narro lopez, chief zeta enforcer in charge of las Panteras de los zetas got arrested along with octavio almanza morales "El Gori 4" and francisco gerardo delgado velasco, alias "el vikingo" a general of the mexican army born in coahuila, who became a polesia, went to veracruz and then to Cancun where he murdered general mauro enrique tello quiñones who had come to take his place as public security director,.infobae/sinembargo.
      Aug 16 2019
      El Vikingo got released and went back to Cancun to keep heading his private security company

  3. That guy looks like my uncle

  4. If he was honest, he can't make mexico corruption

  5. I lived in this town and it was so chill and nice! Zero murders!
    2013 Cancun had 31 murders.
    Puerto was amazing but breaking away from Cancun municipality created all this. All over money
    Extrano Puerto Morelos mucho!


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