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Monday, March 1, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Organized Crime Threatens Municipal Police


Authority figures within the Municipal Police were threatened by organized crime in Tijuana, different mantas with human remains have been found in the city this week.

Most of the messages are to launch threats against rival groups and intimidate groups of police officers from various corporations, including the high command of the municipal government.

Other slogans in the so-called narco messages are to distance themselves from crimes committed against innocent people, as has happened in the last hours where children and adolescents have been the victims.

The method of launching narco-messages accompanied by human and animal remains has become a common occurrence in the city, practically a tradition, and the authorities treat the issue as if it didn’t exist.

Manta translation is as follows:

This will be the fate of all the dirty crooks who are killing innocent civilians. We already know that you’re under the Cartel de Sinaloa payroll. This war is being fought between underworld operatives. For all the government personnel involved, we will fucking destroy you when you find yourselves at ease within your homes. We already have everyone located. Agent Santana, Agent Gómez 03, Lea 03, and Legarza. Start doing your jobs properly. Otherwise you dirty fucks will end up paying with your lives. Sincerely, The Mera Verga

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  1. La Mera Verga sweeping up plazas left and right.


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