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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Tijuana, Mexico: Severed Head With Narco Message Left on Pedestrian Bridge

Motorists passing through the area reported to authorities that on a pedestrian bridge located in the vicinity of the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood, there was a blue backpack and a white cloth with an intimidating message.

It was around 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 12 when the report reached the emergency center. Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at Sánchez Taboada Boulevard and Cruz del Sur Avenue, and confirmed the report.

A backpack at the crime scene contained the severed head of a person. And was accompanied by a narco message addressed to rival gangs operating in the area.

At the moment the content of the message is unknown.

Just on the night of Wednesday, February 10, a white blanket with a text in black ink was hung on the same bridge that read: 

The new enforcers have arrived. From now on we are the new owners of the Sanchez Neighborhoods. An adjustment has been made. Things will be as before. Whoever was messing with my men in the past. Will now be executed by 10 of my men for every 1 of yours. We will only assassinate those individuals who are messing with innocent civilians. We hold no fear whatsoever. Sincerely, C#01 & C#07

As of Friday the 12th, Tijuana had 64 malicious homicides for the month of February. 



  1. I think its safe to assume that's cabo 01 and cabo 07?

  2. It's good to know innocent civilians are safer

    1. U really think so??? In my opinion its about like parts of Chicago. U my be right, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, 3rd Ward Houston, New Orleans, probably just dangerous.

    2. @714. No comparison brother. US citizens aren't at high risk of being kidnapped and ransomed or and worse. And US cops aren't members of giant violent criminal gangs. And US citizens are armed. You can't have a gun in TJ. You can shoot back in the US.

    3. All those cities you named have a low homicide rate. You can’t compare any us city to Tijuana lmaoo. Los Angeles? Really bruh? Chicago also got a low homicide rate.

    4. 10:28 US cops now own corrupt Racqueteer Influenced Criminal Organization Teamsters Union, no wonder founder Jimmy Hoffa got disappeared and nobody ever found him or solved the crime.
      Dollars make some white collar crimes invisible, LOL, peisos make them dirtier

    5. For everyone thinking there safe US is not any safer than any fucked up corner part of all continents specially if your a person of interest not just gangs mob cartel that's the lower bottom I mean Gov private secret entities high clearance James bond mf yeah they exist so crawl out the rocks you monkeys and unstitch your eye lids apart from your head to your ass and smell that fresh grass maybe and i mean maybe that electricity in your soul will trigger the switch for that only 1 of its kind unique light bulb in this universe inside that melon

  3. Chapo snitched 💃💃

  4. Been reading Mexico Cartel News for 15 years, Nothing Changes, take the Bosses juan Garcia, and Chapo in jail, there is still the killing and more drugs than ever. No Change. DEA IS A INCOMPETENT. Waste of their time,

  5. The content of the message unknown reads like this.

    We are all so relieved BB is back that we rolled out an extra head because the mouth of one head is as valuable as all the other BB heads around here.

    BB wasn't sued because Chapos people wanted it. BB was sued because logically the next step would be for the site to shut down after a quick view of the operators assets. How do you shut freedom of speech down? Did anybody check their calendars or know what year it got shut down in? An election year in which freedom of speech became relevant and what one person, only one, was putting everyone's head on a turnstile. How was BB trending at the close? It was a trend in a different direction not opposed to the slights of one man like in it's own country.

    The message from the unknown.

    Pura torta para la corta.

  6. 11:47 One person and a bunch of assholes would never go far on the US, even if bladdermir putin came to help


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