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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Orizaba, Veracruz: CJNG Ambush Police, SSP Disarms Municipal Police


The Secretariat of Public Security of Veracruz (SSP) indefinitely assumed control of security in the municipality of Orizaba. They also disarmed elements of the Municipal Police and arrested two elements.

This command occurs days after hitmen of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación ambushed elements of the State Police. They killed three elements and left one officer seriously injured.

Among the police officers killed was the officer, Rita Cecilia Romero Vicon, 24, who had recently graduated from the Police Academy of "El Lencero" last November.

The control of the State Police in Orizaba, explained the SSP, will be while the verification of compliance with the collective license for the carrying of firearms by municipal elements takes place.

In this sense, the State Police and Civil Force, in coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) and the National Guard (GN), reviewed the troops and inspected the weapons in their charge, in order to rule out that they have been used in the commission of illicit acts.

Likewise, during a tour of Oriente 31 Street in the CROM neighborhood, active officers Juan "N" and Juan Carlos "N" were apprehended for alleged crimes of dereliction of duty. Their arrests were carried out while respecting their rights at all times, they were placed at the disposal of the Comprehensive Unit of the Attorney General's Office of the State (FGE).

Unofficially it was learned that a commander of the Municipal Police with the code name "Fantomas" managed to escape. He was a priority objective for the state government.

The Government of Veracruz appealed to the priority of having accredited and reliable public servants, who are conducting themselves under strict observance of the law.

"To the people of Orizabe, he informs that their safety is guaranteed, since the SSP will maintain preventive air and ground operations, strengthening the fight against impunity and crime," the official bulletin explained.

In the assessment there were moments of high tension, when fifty Municipal Police of Orizaba entrenched themselves inside the Municipal Palace. To prevent themselves from being transferred as detainees to the state capital or to the Police Academy of El Lencero.

In the vicinity of the Municipal Palace, relatives of the local officers protested against what they considered an act of arbitrariness. They assured that their loved ones had been vetted by the tests and examinations of control and confidence. As required by the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection at the national level.


  1. Now the question is who is the Veracruz State Police working for? CDS/CDG/Grupo Sombra who I think are just zeta vieja escuela/Carteles Unidos The borther of el Abuelo Farais is in Las Chopas Veracruz. Orizaba is far from Las Chopas could it be what is left of El Playas cell. CJNG it seems is at war with the state police in veracruz.

    1. Blood zetas and old school zetas hold most of the territory el bukanas is leader of the zetas in Veracruz he has been for 10 plus years

    2. Groups in area:

      Los Zetas, Grupo Antrax, Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación and “Sangre Nueva Zeta”

      Sicarios acribillan a tres policías estatales en Orizaba - Crónica de Xalapa

  2. They work for Cuitla. who works for morena. who works for amlo. who works for the people. Imagine?

    1. "Cuitla" did not train the Veracruz State SSP in the SSP Academy where they tortured killed and disappeared their victims when governor duarte and his main police guy Bermudez were in charge.
      Cuitla needs to organize his own cuicos ASAP, DRESS DOWN THE EXISTING MANDOS AND DRUM THEM OUT OF THERE to prison and re-education camps, the Cubans would love to help, Maduro, Putin, Noriega, Ortega will help

  3. @11:07 good analysis!
    It is an all-against-all struggle with constantly shifting allegiances.

    The break-up of the big cartels has increased the flow of drugs into our great drug-consuming country.

    Additionally the break-up has achieved to increase the bloodshed and violence


    the political clout of big cartels in Mexico (especially on the level of DCF) has been reduced.

  4. wow just wow
    Law enforcement against each other
    Only in Mexico

    1. 6:44 do not forget the US american implacables were beat by one former prisoner of them, a so called "general" cienpedos, released by the US because they would not want him spilling the REAL ONE POUND BEANS...

  5. “Unofficially it was learned that a commander of the Municipal Police with the code name "Fantomas" managed to escape. He was a priority objective for the state government” that’s crazy lol


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