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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Grandson of Legendary Old Juárez Cartel Leader Dies in Aircraft Accident

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Cesar Isaac Carrillo Carrillo had just turned 18 years old in December. His father was killed last summer in Navolato.

One of the three victims who died in an aircraft accident this morning in Navolato, Sinaloa, was Cesar Isaac Carrillo Carrillo, the grandson of Amado Carrillo Fuentes ('El Señor de los Cielos, Lord of the Skies), the legendary leader of the old Juarez Cartel. Cesar Isaac was also the son of Cesar Carrillo Leyva ('Cesarin'), who was murdered last year in Navolato.

Witnesses said that the pilot of the plane was performing aerobatic maneuvers when he lost control and crashed in a cattle field. One person recorded the exact moment when the plane crash occurred and shared it on social media. Employees from a nearby ethanol factory were the first to notify emergency services and the Navolato Municipal Police of the accident.

Navolato residents said that Cesar Isaac was 16-year-old aspiring pilot who also worked as a model. The other two victims were identified as Felipe B. and Gamaliel C., Cesar Isaac's cousin.


Cesar Isaac's father appeared in several banners that were placed across Chihuahua in 2011. These banners announced the emergence of the New Juarez Cartel ('Nuevo Cartel de Juarez'). This new group was essentially Carrillo clan members heading La Linea, the former armed wing of the old Juarez Cartel. Cesar also had ties to Los Damasos, a group that broke ties with Los Chapitos of the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to state investigators, Cesarin was murdered last year by two men who were waiting for him near his home. Judging by the evidences found at the scene, they said it was likely a drive-by shooting. Local journalists said that the murder was reportedly ordered by Los Chapitos.

El Señor de los Cielos

Cesar Isaac was the grandson of Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Candelaria Leyva Cardenas. For many years, Amado avoided capture from Mexican and U.S. authorities because he was successful at maintaining a low-profile. Several high-ranking members of the Mexican Army were also convicted for providing him with protection.

During his tenure, Amado amassed a multi-million-dollar fortune by successfully using planes to smuggle drugs into the U.S. from Mexico. This earned him the nickname 'El Señor de los Cielos', The Lord of the Skies. He died on 4 July 1997 in Santa Monica Hospital in Mexico City following a plastic surgery. One of his mansions was auctioned in Mexico City earlier last year, as reported by Borderland Beat.

Cartel war in Chihuahua

In the late 2000s, the Juarez Cartel was in an intense war with the Sinaloa Cartel for control of the El Paso–Juárez border plaza. Ciudad Juárez, the epicenter of this narco-war, ranked among the deadliest cities in the world for several years. Officials said that most of the victims were members of rival drug gangs, but civilians and members of security forces were often targeted or caught in the crossfire.

Much of the old Juarez Cartel was wiped out as the Sinaloa Cartel made major pushes into their turf. Violence began to decline in 2011 as the Sinaloa Cartel gained control of this border plaza. La Linea, however, grew into a much larger criminal network and now competes against the Sinaloa Cartel and its proxies in rural Chihuahua and in Ciudad Juarez. Most of the killings in Ciudad Juarez this year are driven by gangs competing for street-level drug sales.

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  1. It seems like they were doing plane stunts, like a lot of these narco juniors do.

    1. Ironic that he wanted to be a pilot. I guess he learned his lesson for a few seconds before he died.

  2. Attention: There isn’t a lot of info (yet) on the accident. News is still developing. I’ll be updating this article once we know more. Thanks for reading.

  3. There goes his job as a model at cartel monthly!!

  4. I think this kid and his brother couple years older them him used to live in Villa Ahumada Chihuahua

    1. I was in Villa Ahumada around 2 months ago, drove from El Paso. There are some nice houses around, but not many people. Do you know if he was in Villa Ahumada proper or somewhere in the ranchos? I heard la Línea is the group there. Everything under control.

    2. I heard that’s líneas headquarters

    3. Ncdj took back Cuauhtemoc and Madera from cds btw

    4. @billy Jean El 40 from namiquipa took over. There is also word about a comandante from Basuchil Guerrero Chihuahua Coontrolling carretera 16 from Guerrero up till Chihuahua capital.

  5. Some additional information;

  6. Anybody know how fast that plane was going when it crashed ?

  7. These juniors don't last very LONG


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