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Sunday, October 18, 2020

"The fight against drug trafficking should be a partnership" says US ambassador to Mexico

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Reforma

Los Angeles Consul spoke twice to Mexico's former security chief, after his arrest in U.S.

The United States Ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, urged that the authorities work together on both sides of the border against organized crime.

"The fight against organized crime and drug trafficking is a shared fight. Criminals and drugs kill Mexico and the United States," said the diplomat on his Twitter account.

"We urgently need to work shoulder to shoulder on both sides of the border. It is not easy at all, but we are more the good guys."

For her part, the Consul of Los Angeles, Marcela Celorio, reported that she had already met twice with the former Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos, who has been detained since Thursday  in the United States.

"On the instructions of Foreign Minister Ebrard, the Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles has been in communication with the federal authorities in the case of General Salvador Cienfuegos, which facilitated consular access, Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations," he said. .

"I interviewed General Cienfuegos twice, the first by phone to make sure of his state of health and his confinement conditions; the second personally, he was given the proper consular assistance and I informed him about his rights in the United States."

He affirmed that the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations establishes that consular protection is carried out in accordance with the principles and norms of international law and in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country.

"The work of the consulates is to protect the rights of detained Mexicans, ensuring due process of law and dignified treatment throughout the process," said Celorio.


  1. Curious if laws protecting Mexican government officials will interfere with the ability to prosecute.
    We are aware of AMLO'S stance towards corruption. Rather, the legal aspects of international laws.
    Can someone with knowledge give input?
    Interesting case to watch BB.

    1. It is very likely that US co-conspirators and life long accomplices of mexican crooks protect giniral Cienpedos, afyer all je is very much a.product of their School pfnthe Americas since he graduated from Heroic Military College in the late 60s as a murdering lieutenant and 70s halcon del Halcon Presidencial luis echeverria...
      Cienpedos also worked with Omar "El Trucutú" Hamid Garcia Harfuch and the BELTRAN LEYVAS in Guerrero when FECAL was presidente.

  2. send the General back I don't want them

  3. Aka cut us in on the profits

  4. You've got to be kidding? Mexico is so corrupted top to bottom side to side. To have any kind of law enforcement relationship with Mexicans is to invite corruption in our own agencies.
    In my opinion, we should maintain a calculated distance from Mexican authorities because they are genetically endowed to corrupt and be corrupted.

    1. 2:27 @ Mexico Watcher
      I agree 100% with You

      ps only time until the Ambassador is caught
      The lies the lies

    2. 2:27 you lie! Everythimg can't be corrupt because it simply would dilute the table scraps down to intolerable levels.
      Let me remind you that the CIA implanted the coreuption and drug traffickimg in mexico with the DFS and Operation 40 to "fight communism" in public and traffick drugs when nobody watched, "Our Man in mexico" may esplain some to you

  5. USA should assume as a starting point that most in Mexico are corrupt and working for the cartels. At a minimum, turning a blind eye out of fear and letting contraband pass.

  6. The U.S created cartels in MEXICO and DEA works with the bigger ones..
    The WAR on drugs is a JOKE
    If they REALLY wanted to fight CARTELS they would start WITH stopping the PRODUCTION first..
    But of course IT'S a lie PEOPLE have been falling FOR

    1. Exactly- and the us gov just put out the list for 3 most wanted drug traffickers wanted from mexico...and no sign of the guy whos been sending dope to the usa for almost 50 years- you would think he would be #1- but he has a "special" relationship with dea

    2. Back in the day the CIA rogue agents ordered the kidnapping, torture-interrogation murder of DEA Agent Camarena, but CIA BRASS COVERED THE FACT SINCE THEN, REFUSES TO PROSECUTE, COVERS IT ALL UP, TOOK CONTROL OF DEA, and got presidential pardons for more than a 100 Iran/Contra conspirators, but nobody has been pardoned for the unmentioned crimes of drug trafficking to the US, cocaine, marihuana and the crack epidemic

  7. The U.S. always sticking their noses in other countries shhhhh. By the way I am an American.

    1. 436 yeah kinda how japan did at Pearl Harbor or Germany or the Cuban missile crisis with the Soviet Union. Or maybe you really are not AMERICAN...

  8. Mexico can be saved they need our government sad but it’s true. Mexico hates American government but they need to be saved from government corruption as well as cartels

    1. 11:58 Gary Webb and Barry Seal needed help from the US Government, they both suicided themselves because "they could not handle the truth", gary shot himself 2 times on the head.

    2. Mexico hates American government because it is more successful than theirs. They blame Spain for the Spanish invasion... they want apologies from the pope ... they blame American addicts . They blame their own corruption but do nothing about it.... blah blah
      Take a look in a mirror México....


    3. GC, i looked in the mirror,
      Uncle Sam keeps popping up.


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