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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Mexican General Cienfuegos L.A. hearing was brief, he remains in Metro detention in Los Angeles for now

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Source and KTLA Los Angeles

The former Secretary of Defense in Mexico, General Salvador Cienfuegos, was detained at California airport his first hearing was yesterday in Los Angeles

The audience of Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, former head of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) with Enrique Peña Nieto, it barely lasted five minutes, where he heard the three charges against him related to drug trafficking; His next hearing will be on Tuesday, October 20, at 1:00 p.m., it is speculated, in New York.

The retired general was detained the night of this Thursday, October 15 at the California airport, USA, when he arrived with his family. The arrest warrant was issued by Magistrate Judge Vera M. Scanlon since August 14, 2019.

Via video, they were read three counts of conspiracy to the manufacturer, import and distribute drugs, plus a money laundering charge.

In his appearance, Cienfuegos Zepeda  said he understood the accusations against him, as he confirmed that he read them in Spanish.

He will remain at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, California, pending his next appearance in court. Although his transfer was not resolved at the hearing, could be taken to New York where his case lies.


The arrest of Cienfuegos is a tough blow for Mexico, where the army and navy are some of the few remaining respected public institutions.

Mexico’s current president, Andres Manuel López Obrador has vowed to go after corruption and lawbreaking under past administrations, but he has relied more heavily on the army — and given it more tasks, ranging from building infrastructure projects to distributing medical supplies — than any other president in recent history.

López Obrador sought Friday to reassure the country that he still had faith in the armed forces as “pillars of the Mexican state.” He has invested more responsibility in military leaders than any president in recent history. While he said the arrest was unfortunate, it gave him another opportunity to repeat his refrain that corruption is at the root of Mexico’s most serious problems.

López Obrador draws a bold line between the degradation of public institutions that occurred under his predecessors and the transformation he says he is undertaking. For many Mexicans however, the military has long been seen as the last defense against the cartels, raising the question of who can be trusted now. Mexico’s defense ministry had not commented on the arrest.


  1. Apoco nueva yorke seh crea lejos. Varios, un campesino, y ahorra un militar. La vuelta teh la damos facil nueva york. tu jues anda ganado aqui por todas partes ah la modo Indio y reventartelo no questa nada. Ahorro la nueva era de las tumbas entra y tumbarlos en el norte es puro gana ah garra pata. De la cama te arastramos por pie yase mucho.

  2. nothing changes in Mexico u still have to pay Mordia

  3. Did he seriously not know he had a warrant out for his arrest? Or did he just give up in return for a lighter sentence?

  4. Replies
    1. Only if he's offered a deal otherwise he won't be able to talk.

    2. Of course they will ask them questions. He will talk

    3. He gonna sing like a canary about the mexican government. A news video said a lot of high ranking political and military leaders have cancelled all future trips to usa. Wonder what they so scared of.

  5. What a disappointment. I had always thought the military was the last, and only, institution left in Mexico which had not been corrupted. How must those young Marines who are on the front lines against the Cartels feel now. If the military goes the way of the politicians, there is no hope for Mexico. It will, or has already, become a failed State. What a pity.

  6. Remember way back after the Mormon Massacre when Trump was gonna label the cartels "terrorist organizations" and then suddenly back off... I think AMLO and Trump worked out a deal. There's been a lot more corrupt Politicians going down than usual and all brought back to the good ol' US and as far as talking..he'll talk. We have a place called Florence ADX..23hr lockdown, 1 hour outside in an empty steel cage for "exercise" with the only human contact for the rest of your life is with the prison guards

    1. Make North America Great Again -MNAGA

    2. Yes he worked out a deal with the us and Sinaloa cartel because nobody needed the dea and us marines in Sinaloa disrupting their corrupt activities like money laundering in big hotels on Mexico’s beaches and shopping centers also trucking company’s that export all the vegetables that The Mexican cartels grow with the money they have to launder. Pemex all the Mexican taxes “iva” is embezzled by top government chiefs and cartels have power to expose so everyone works together

    3. Mayo ordered Trump not to label them as such.

  7. Corruption is everywhere, but the military commanders are the ones in charge of it who profit from it and lower ranks are forbidden to talk anything about it.
    The US military has the same problem, with corrupt brass and scrambled eggs pushing for wars for profit to earn highly paid positions with private government contractors (corporate welfare queens) when they return to civilian life,
    Not everybody is corrupt everywhere, but corruption seems to be an almost exclusive prerogative of power.

  8. This does not smell right. Why did the general, with his family, fly at night into LAX to be met by U.S. Government agents? Will he testify against Luna? Is DEA working the way up the ladder to the Top?

  9. Freddy Krueger?..
    Weird I just watched that movie last night, I hope I'm not sleeping.. 😨

  10. Thus guy is in his 70s I dont think hes gonna want to die in prison, thus is nit looking good for the people he was working with

  11. in another article thus morning AMLO also accused USA for having double standards and protecting dea agents that were in collusion with with cartels. selling and transporting military grade weapons over the border to mexico. all this was done undercover with hopes of tracing weapons to cartel bosses. on many instances they were unsuccessfully at apprehending any one worth mention and only resulted in a spike of murders all done without informing mexican president or government.
    AMLO is trying but at the same time what gets me upset is that he ignores the pueblo mexican citizens that voted him in. A lot of those people are those families got displaced and at the mercy of the cartels he forgot about families.this is some serious accusations made by AMLO. its will be interesting to see how usa will respond

  12. 3:13 the US will not dignify anybody's accusations with an answer, same With DEA, CIA, FBI, NIH, NSA, NIA, CDC, ATF, or the KGB,
    I hope sincerely that you can handle the bad news.


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