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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Celaya Guanajuato: Dismembered body "embolsado' found with message

 Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   Source

The body of a man was located on the side of the road in the Arboledas de San Rafael neighborhood.

The dismembered body was found inside black plastic bags on the side of a cornfield.

The gruesome discovery was reported on Wednesday night on San Rafael Avenue, after locals found the remains and reported it to 911.

The victim has not been identified.

Municipal police and the National Guard attended the report, finding on one side of the remains a message signed by an alleged criminal group.


Bravo Group

This will be the fate of everyone who supports the Jalisca bitches. You already know that Celaya as well as the rest of Guanajuato belongs to us. - (Sol Prendido)

WARNING: Although I blurred the image  it remains very graphic (dismemberment)


  1. This is par for the course at this time.

    Greetings from a safe location far away!

  2. Chicis and bb staff theres a story of a bust of cjng equipment in valor por tamaulipas and it says that may be the rumors of erik valencia splitting from jalisco cartel is disinformation. I think you guys will find it interesting. Also mario cardenas will be extradited to usa.

    1. Thank you, I just read it. It is interesting but has some factual errors and supposition.

      BTW: DEA still has erik listed as with CJNG. I honestly am not sure either way. Strangely there are no narcomessges giving us info. So perhaps he remains with mencho.

      As for armando. There is a huge story behind the turn of events concerning him. for now I can say he does not want to go back to mexico. I know what he claims but can't say at this time. I can say he has cancer, he is living in a mansion
      in the wealthiest zip code in america, getting the best medical care and is not on supervised release.. He should of been deported after humanitarian release as he is not under supervision as chino was. But because of what he told the court, he remains here in the US. a convicted felon, a foreigner.....

    2. He played his cards right and DIDN'T have to SNITCH like chino..
      He still has his MONEY but DOESN'T care about the POWER..
      I DON'T think he needs to sell DRUGS to survive or cares to GO AGAINST MENCHO..
      SOMETHING grandpa MAYO should DO TOO..

    3. Chivis the seizure close to LDM may have been the "work" of MIZG as he's going to "war" against CJNG. This is how he operates by passing information to his handlers. Sargy is saying that some proxy groups and pistoleros have flipped to CU and CJNG have lost a lot or practically all their presence in NW Michoacán, maybe that's why the increase of manpower in Zacatecas. AVC may have been the beneficiary of derivative citizenship.. just a wild guess. RNOC can't micromanage the whole organization, it would be plain stupid and would have quickly led to the dismantling of CJNG, what isn't clear to me is if Lupe 15 was really killed and if it was an internal thus the fracturing chatter. El águila Martin and a güerito Rodríguez are going against CJNG in Jalisco as well as el cholo Sanchez but these dudes don't realize the size of the organization and socios involved..unfortunately the blood shed will continue...

    4. El mayo cant quit. He is not in usa chilling. And mayo has sons and grandsons that will want to fallow his footsteps and even if they didnt the zambadas have to stay in power just to protect their families. He has no choice but to keep going. Erick valencia was so loyal to mencho that he turned on the other valencia valencia family members if hes with mencho considering that he is more violent than mencho jalisco cartel will be more difficult to beat than if he turned on him. The goverment thinks is a good idea to spread misinformation about the jalisco cartel but that is foolish and useless tactics. Jalisco cartel lieutenants will speak with each other and figure out is all b.s. what mexico shld do is go after mencho with full force then the other leaders. Extradite el cuini even though i dont agree with usa taking in other countries criminals its clear that he still operating from prison.

    5. 3:13 Chichis gets 2 "h"

  3. Pretty sure cjng wants marro back instead of azul,csrl just got more violent

  4. Translation. His fingers say f.... You. So I think he got the last laugh at his killers


    Hey! Look CSRL still killing innocents.


    La barredora 24/7
    Slowly crumbling.

  7. You get the pics from fb pages and put the borderland beat banner on the bottom corner, nice.

    1. i hate FB. I will not put a watermark on an image that is screenshot, or snapchat or twitter unless i work it in photoshop which automatically embeds the watermark.

      In this case a toned down the color which had been enhanced and blurred the body parts while attempting to leave as much of the text clear as possible. If I spend the time then of course I am going to watermark.

      You try photoshop. first pay 500 then learn. I am still learning it has been the most difficult thing I have learned on the computer.

    2. Thanks for your hard work,complainers of the world.Elites ELITES

    3. @10:26 Véngase a un curso privado de regularización conmigo Chivita, yo le enseño todo el show. Y le doy un tour por Jalisco de paso pa que vea como se ha transformado el bello estado.

    4. "You get the pics from fb pages and put the borderland beat banner on the bottom corner, nice."

      So fuckin what,she spent the time workin on it you crying bitch.She is BB and wants people to know.
      Fuck do you visit BB for?To complain?

    5. Good question but I know who he is, his behavior on social media has gone over the top harassing another female blogger named Loba to the point of a death threat.

  8. Erick sobrino de lobo Valencia no trabaja con Mencho mencho robo lo de Erick cuando lo detienen erick cartel nueva plaza

    1. So who got him released from prison then??

    2. Erick y mencho pusieron al Lobo

  9. I think MENCHO probably asked for more than he can handle. Soon his lieutenants are gonna start leaving and switching sides, who the hell loves prolonged wars(besides America)?!
    The only significant impact he's had is probably Guanajuato after gaining most of the state, his offer was still denied, resulting in 1/3 of marros plaza bosses still pledging loyalty towards him, so the battle continued after his capture. Nonetheless CJNG captured the objective--get rid of marro and invade the state.
    Michoacan was having noticable impact, but the evils and greeds of viagras are to deeply rooted for local governments to switch sides to CJNG. Cotija, Aguaje and aguililla are/were strong holds for menchos group losing the last 2, the groups had a couple of failed attempts at regaining control in the past week or two.
    Now Zacatecas?.............. fuck. Wonder What MENCHO thinks of all the recent blows the organization has received.

    10/6 ldm ranch raid.
    10/10 grenade attack in a fincà in jalisco.
    10/10 clash with marines in Michoacan, charupo i believe. 5 montros torched.
    10/07 cjng-cdg Vs CDS .. in Zacatecas. Allegedly MZ people got the better end of the stick.

    1. No favoritism, simple analyzation.
      Good comment.

  10. Belongins property of jaliska governor enrique alfaro.


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