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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Body hanged from Celaya Guanajuato bridge

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Source

Various vehicles and establishments were burned after the arrest of a group of around 30 people in the community of San Antonio de Elguera, the State Prosecutor's Office confirmed the facts through its Twitter account, the same means that Luis Ernesto used Ayala Torres, Secretary of Government to report on the events.

In Guanajuato, violence at the hands of organized crime continues, as the police responded to an emergency call in which they found a body with threats written on a yellow card, which contains a symbol of  “Grupo de los M”,  (Cártel Santa Rosa de Lima).

Graphic image below

Motorists reported a bundle wrapped in black bags hanging from the bars of a bridge on Irrigation Avenue in Celaya, Guanajuato.

Additionally, a human head was left in broad daylight in the Lagos neighborhood in the middle of a residential area.

Inhabitants of the Lago de Coyuca street, around 11:00am hours discovered the bag containing the head.


  1. Hola mi amigo, no es una palabra "hanged"..ana palabra es 'hung" vato!

    1. Thank you friend, and although it is tricky, hung applies only to the point of death, then it becomes hanged. Usually refers to executions.

      Although I was not able to check for a pulse, I think the victim is dead.

      And easy way to remember is hung is used for all definitions except having to do with a persons demise.

    2. "Hanged" is correct when it's a body, "hung" should be used for objects.

    3. @12:38; Ah chinga te pusieron!!

    4. "Hola mi amigo, no es una palabra "hanged"..ana palabra es 'hung" vato!"
      Now that you pointed that out i will sleep better.

      You couldnt make this shit up if you tried..
      If you want to translate so bad,help BB out with mantas,video,stories,but you wont will you fuckin Mr Spock

  2. Don't tell anybody, pero el marro no jué...
    --"El marro didn't do it, he is in prison" say El Marro people.
    --"According to the jaliskas that did it", says Carlos Zamarripa the 10 year old veteran of Guanajuato fiscalia with 10 more years worth of "Contract On Guanajuato" WHO REALLY DONE DID THE DIRTY DEED.
    don't pass the buck around like some dirty sanababiches.

  3. Oh no more Mantas reguading Payaso Lives Matter.

    1. "Oh no more Mantas reguading Payaso Lives Matter"

      Why not,i wonder if we could get White Lives Matter?
      Nah,that wouldnt fly would it?

  4. This azul guy is just killing innocents, he’s going to end up like marro and hopefully it’s soon

  5. Looks like el azuls people against cjng. Look at the logo


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