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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Yaqui is AWOL: Fire on the Mountain

Yaqui for Borderland Beat

Yaqui and her critter club, the Peanut Pack, have been under Mandatory Evac orders for 10 days due, once again, to the Biggest Wildfire in California history. Didn't she just go through this two years ago? 

Yes, she did. This time the situation is even more dire than last time! The entire West Coast is on fire.

Well, Yaqui and the Pack have not evacuated yet, there is just too much to do, but no worries, they will not do anything stupid or foolish by staying too long. So far, she has spent alot of time directing all these wonderful Fire Fighters , who have come from all over the country to help us out AGAIN, because resources are stretched so thin and no one knows the terrain or the roads and the fire is just so damn big; alot of them are complaining that they just have to spend too much time driving around.

She is busy being Command Central for the other hillbillies on her little mountain, monitoring every piece of data available, with her eyes on the prize: The Winds. 

The smoke is something else and besides being hideous it determines which and what Aircraft can fly the fire. The finicky Wind has driven this fire and its Fire Fighters mad. Treacherous terrain makes it extremely difficult on the Ground Crews, god bless them.

While not communicating the latest, there is always more brush to bust and leaves blow and watering to be done. The Peanut Pack is bored to death, the burras, ie but the doggies think all this excitement in the air and all the nice new people they get to meet is kind of fun ! Oh, to be such a trusting, faithful and innocent being ! Hopefully, We won't all have COPD by the time this is over which may be when it snows.

THIS is the heavenly paradise at 6000 ft that was one of the Packs favorite camping , hiking, riding places that will never be the same in our lifetimes, or even close to it. Very sad, just hoping all the animals got out alive with their hides intact..

Yaqui really does wish she could be Posting for BB and not living this nightmare, but life deals cruel blows. Please everyone send good ju ju and be patient with Chivis and the rest of the crew. In addition we are all dealing with a new computer program that sucks !


  1. Yaqui,
    Sending prayers for you and your furry loved ones.

  2. Take care! And best wishes to you and your furry family! ♥

  3. California needs to cut down the eucalyptus "fire" trees that were imported from OZ centuries ago that evolved to fire starters that kill all competing trees and vegetation. Also, clean up the dead wood and fix the electric transmission grid. But, of course, then Cali wouldn't get 10s of billions annually in federal fire aid.
    Lynching of arsonists in Cali, Oregon and Washington state would send a strong message.

    1. 11:55 funny how animals resort to lynching suggestions.
      Nobody should be stooping down to the level of criminals or even lower, just stop giving real criminals caught "witness protection and deals for their freedom"

  4. I have a unified theory of the fires on the West, the Pacific Coast:
    it is the grifa growers burning everything to plant their motherfacking yerba, they are just like that motherfqcker Bolsonaro burning the Amazonia to raise BS, CO2 and Methane producing cattle.
    We need to start Making Guillotines Great Again, right naw!!!

    1. Lol blame it on the methane cattle. Yankeo be safe, I can baby sit your chickens, but sorry, I have small yard no room for your burros or cows or goats.

    2. Thanks a lot ! however, Bad 🐻 got my chickens.
      Yesterday I had time to hike a new dozer line and found Mama 🐻 tracks with teensy little baby 🐻🐻🐻 tracks. I guess they deserve captive chickens right now !!

  5. In one pithy phrase, veteran firefighter Ingalsbee put the kibosh on the unfounded claims of Governor Newsom and the gaggle of Climate Change Howlers he represents:

    …. There’s only one solution, the one we know yet still avoid. “We need to get good fire on the ground and whittle down some of that fuel load.”

    Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker summed it up well:

    Environmentalism is why California stopped grooming forests or doing controlled burns to get rid of deadwood (AKA tinder). It was because of environmentalism that PG&E poured all of its money into building renewable energy facilities, such as the solar facilities that failed during California’s recent heat wave, and stopped repairing old power lines (some going back 90 years) or trimming back tinder around those power lines. All this misbegotten environmentalism has controlled California even as more people have moved into fire zones over the past several decades.

    In fact, a dramatically larger human footprint in the fire-prone shrub-lands and chaparral (dwarf trees) areas along the coasts increases the risk residents will start fires. California’s population nearly doubled from 1970 to 2010, from about 20 million people to 39 million people, and nearly all of the gain was in the coastal areas.

    Under those conditions, California’s strong, naturally-occurring winds, which crest periodically, are the main culprit which fuels and spreads the human set blazes in the shrub-lands. The Diablo winds in the North and Santa Ana winds in the South can actually reach hurricane force. As wind moves West over California mountains and down toward the coast, it compresses, warms and intensifies. The winds blow flames and carry embers, spreading the fires quickly before they can be contained.

    1. Now Now........that is really generalizing.
      I worked damn hard to save Old Growth Stands, back in the day. I have seen them survive catastrophic fires while everything around them in entire watersheds burned to the ground, which was GOOD for said watershed.

      I have saved some of those old growth stands from PG and E chainsaws. Also, with only a couple others , we got a Measure on the local Ballot against PG and E’s “ Hack and Squirt “ program. There are huge tracts of tan-oaks and other less valuable trees standing dead on ridges all over many counties. PG and E foresters literally, go into the forest with a hatchet to “hack” a chunk out of the trunk of a tree and “ squirt “ poison” in the wound to poison the tree. FINE by me, get rid of all that unwanted tan-oak. The problem is once the trees die, they just leave them there ! You can drive our hilly roads and see entire ridges and / or slopes with miles of dead standing trees.
      Why, if they are gonna kill them, didn’t someone plan to take them out ? As if we don’t have enough problem with wildfires, drought and Pine Bark Beetle and SOD ( sudden oak death) WHY on earth would PG and E “ Hack and Squirt” these stands of trees and leave them standing ?
      The Ballot passed overwhelmingly, PG and E should take these dead stands of trees down. Did anything happen? NO , of course not, apparently, we have to SUE them for it to be implemented.

    2. Pg and e is owned by the Rothschild s

  6. My best friend is in Oregon and what’s going on there is foretelling of our future. The sheriffs in all of the small towns are taking out their angst against by literally going door to door collecting info on next of kin.

    My friends ex-wife was also told “don’t call us for anything”

    Not fair for those of us who are actually trying to stay united in the US and not fall into the foolish traps of “picking a side”

  7. BNT well sir you are correct. A few years back we tried to get permission to thin out our san Bernardino compound as we feared a major fire may come through.
    We did it anyway at the cost of almost 100k. in 2003
    A few months later a historic fire broke out and everyone evacuated. My son and his crew went to the fire and called me saying he did not think our home would be saved. The reason is directly behind us there was an area that was in a small canyon and the fire was like a hurricane every home burned to the ground. But our 10+ acres was safe due to the illegal thinning we did.
    My insurance company actually called me saying my property was on the probable loss list.
    After the fire the federal government paid for trees to be thinned and the forest cleaned. As in California the state and government property is side by side in these fire area.
    They must work in tandem and save the forest, which saves property and lives.
    Any experience and educated fire personnel will say the same.
    The power lines in norcal is also the other issue. but they have no money and should be kicked out and taken over, this is not a new issue. but nothing changes.

  8. One of the biggest reason the size of fires have increase is the policy to fight fires. Fire protection does not allow nature to clear forest naturally. It allows the increase of lower brush vegetation. Some trees can survive fires. The increase vegetation is more fuels for large fires.
    Population slows fire response by increasing responding time due to priorities of fire agencies. First is protecting life then property then controlling fires.
    451 PC Assholes setting fires for what ever reason does not help. SDSO

  9. May God bless and comfort you Yaqui.

  10. Yaqui cuídate mi hija. Espero pronto regreses. - Sol Prendido

    1. Muchas gracias, compadre,
      mis sentimientos exactamente 😎

  11. Animo yaquesita que todo salga bien.

  12. No offense, but the title had me forgetting. Yaqui suerte y warda tu casa.

  13. Esta cabron😬😬

    Yaqui be safe out there along with everyone else fighting those fires

  14. Best wishes, and good luck to you and your's Yaqui....stay safe!!

  15. Gracias a todas ustedes!
    Thank you so much.......
    OK, back to Fire duty and monitoring,
    Hitting the critical stage , dozers and aircraft all over me .......

    Hasta pronto, Ojalá

  16. I am confused with the third person referencing, but I am assuming this is yaqui writing this post?
    I wish you well and also Chivis’ son who she says has actually been fighting several of the fires for over three weeks.
    who is this ‘bb crew’ you speak of lol, no one I see anywhere but the faithful soldier that has been working here for at least the 9 years I have been following the blog.

    Big respect and appreciation ‘chivas’

    1. Yes Yes, it is I , Yaqui , writing the post.
      We are def a little short handed right now plus the hideous new program we have to use is a real bitch !
      Be back ASAP and as always YES, a big thanks to Chivis for all she does.

      We are still here as of this morning.......hour by hour, day by day soldiering on.

  17. With bushfires we had here in Australia we should look into our traditional owners Indigenous Cultural Burning practice to reduce risk. Be safe Yaqui.

  18. Why is California allowing its preventable fires to cause Global Warming on a massive scale?

    1. Mijo some of the fires are caused by lightning..get a gripe. It's easy for you to say that, since your behind the computer, how about getting your butt to fight the fires.

    2. Thank you very much !
      This whole scene was caused by LIGHTENING ......
      As was 2008 Lighting .......2000 lightening strikes in ONE COUNTY.
      We did not see a helicopter for A WEEK, no one on the ground to help for 10 days.......we were completely surrounded by fires. UGLY, exhausting, nerve wracking to say the least. We were out 24/7 , that means AT NIGHT, sharpening our chainsaws, ie moto sierras, by fire light on our tailgates. Improvised water trucks, neighbors throwing water tanks on flat beds or utility trailers.......when the birds finally showed up they were dipping out of my pond. 😳😎

  19. Fire, fire everywhere, California is burning, the protests are bringing things down hill.


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