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Thursday, September 17, 2020

My woes...


ok people....the facts are:

I will get my new computer today.  For a week I have worked on my new phone  Yes a new phone,  a new computer AND a new blogger formatting.  Plus no Yaqui because of fires and I think MX is traveling.  so it has been rough.

The new blogger format is in effect and no option to revert.  It is ok on creating posts, EXCEPT it will not accept twitter vids so I am checking into that. 

Meanwhile, if I can’t post a video I will include it in the source a hyperlink that will take you directly to the video or create a separate one that will do likewise.

The worse is moderating, it is at least 5X slower than the old version.  I anticipate it will get better, but for now, it is a lot of work and time consuming to work it, so I have had to choose between moderating comments or posting. 



  1. Chivis the multi Tasker your ok in my book. Keep up the good work 👍, avoid the trolls.

  2. CHIVIS como siempre al💯 😍💃👠💅💋🌹👜🙏

  3. Chivas did you move up to apple products ?

  4. No complaints from me. Thanks foe the update appreciate all you do.

  5. OK, do not moderate the comments, just put a little star on the best ones...
    Love you Beibi

  6. Keep up the great work Chivis! We appreciate you <3

  7. Thanks for your hard work. We appreciate it. <3

  8. You go girl! Your site provides hours of distraction and education, and we are much obliged.

  9. Hi Chivis. Thank you, tranquilo we will survive.

    I nominate Sicario 006 to be a guest moderator. In 3 min he can post all comments with his encripted 6G tactical smart phone.

    He is on R&R from saving the world from the newest potent mutation of coronavirus.

    1. I am still waiting for the British Special Forces 006, promised 9 months ago, our village is 60 percent gone. Que hombre convpromesas, mas Mal que ALMO.

  10. let's see 10 posts All but one is yours Chivis. Impressive.

  11. I can come over and help you build new high end computer chives. No charge, lol

  12. Chivis,
    make sure you don't burn yourself out! Take it easy and do what you can. If you crash BB crashes and that would be the worst possible outcome.
    AND stay safe! A lot of bad hombres on both sides of the border want to do you harm and stop BB.

  13. Can you multitask bb to https or are there nefarious reasons for not doing so?

  14. CHIVIS andas bien FILO..........
    You’re sharp as hell..........😁👍
    Thank you for all your great work.....

  15. Da Chivis vis an octopus, has lots of hands to get things done fast and efficiently. Bravo for Chivis!

  16. I appreciate your work. Stressful it may be.

  17. Gracias for all the hard work Chivis.

  18. Buenos dias buenas tardes Chivis..get some rest when mucho trabajar y no tan poquito..has to be center my primo chilaquil use to say..don't know if Glenn ivy spa open but def try the hot and cold water..
    Eastsidin Lowridin

  19. You are the best!! Thank you for all that you do.

  20. 12:05 this notion of unmoderated comments threatens my authority and feeling of control. what is one supposed to do, just scroll down if we dont agree with whats being said!? whats next? a system of flagging offensive commentary for review on an adhoc as needed basis!?


    slippery slope ur treading there...soon yal will start advocating an end to the drug war and the control every at all costs paradim...without a war then whats an og log about?

    reefer.. the madness... and enjoyment when thou part taketh therin?! 0_o

    recipe for success Chef boy yo Bordon Shazamzi approved:

    10g og anything keef fine sifted
    5 pinch salt pepper chili pepper
    2 cloves garlic
    1 can progresso soup
    1/2 day procrastination perscription de mandatory neccessitity


    jokes aside
    thank yal for your site and time u all put in. much respect.

    bon appetite!


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