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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Over 100 journalists killed in Mexico, in the case of Miroslava Breach there is rare justice as her killer gets 50 years

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Source RTL Today

One of her last stories was on a war between two rival capos in the Juarez cartel

A Mexican judge has sentenced the man convicted of ordering the 2017 murder of prominent journalist Miroslava Breach to 50 years imprisonment, a singular judgment in one of the deadliest countries globally for media.

The sentence of Juan Carlos Moreno, also known as "El Larry," was announced by the state prosecutor's office Saturday.

He had been convicted of being the "intellectual author" of Breach's murder, one of the few such media killings to be solved in the country.

Mexico is regularly rated by journalism watchdog Reporters Without Borders as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

Breach, who covered the country's drug war, was one of 11 journalists murdered in 2017. More than 100 have killed since 2000, but 90 percent of the murders remain unresolved.

Prosecutors said in a statement that the 50-year sentence set a precedent in cases involving crimes against free expression, adding it was the longest sentence to date for such crimes.


Propuesta Civica, a non-governmental organization that advocates for human rights and free expression, said Moreno's sentence "represents an important precedent in the fight against impunity for crimes against journalists in this, the most violent country for the press."

But the organization called for further investigations of others involved in Breach's murder, as well as an inquiry into the "possible involvement of officials of the current government of Chihuahua."

Breach, a 54-year-old veteran crime and politics reporter for the newspapers La Jornada and Norte de Juarez, was found dead inside her car with gunshot wounds to the head on March 23, 2017 in Chihuahua state.

One of her last stories was on a war between two rival capos in the Juarez drug cartel.

Prosecutors said she was murdered "with premeditation" after being sent intimidating messages meant to impinge on her freedom of expression.

Ramon Zavala, wanted for allegedly being the gunman who actually shot Breach, was himself killed in late 2017 by unidentified assailants.

In 2018 the United Nations and AFP launched an award to honor journalists who risk their lives to cover human rights abuses in Mexico, in tribute to Breach and another slain journalist, Javier Valdez.


  1. They get murdered, they get honored, and then they're forgotten and the true responsible for their murder are free and rich, chivis I really hope this doesn't happen to you and all the borderland beat staff

  2. Juan Nelcio Espinoza Got killed this weekend in piedras negras, he was working for valdor TV. Police arrested him and he died in custody later, it’s said that he received threats before,

    1. No no he died of Covid
      Did you all not read BB other story last week that over 300 hundred journalist died of Covid

  3. There are hundreds of thousands of disappeared, tortured, killed, assassinated or disappeared mexicans, many of them inocent, that never out their name on any paper or report with journalists.
    Please stop blaming México or the mexicans for the crimes of a mexican military and government and their police corporations that have generated all of these problems through their associations with criminals of all sizes, starting with US government's rogue agents of their dirty politics and fficial policias for LatinAmerica, followed closely by their corrupt criminal mexican government associates...the US spent about 36 billion dollars on their War on Drugs in México, the promoters stole most of the money, the mexican put the dead bodies...what so you want?
    Make Miroslava a Saint if you can, and ounish her killers all you want, but stop blaming "the Mexicans and México", and stop protecting criminals like zedillo, videgaray, FECAL, Fox, EPN, Salinas Duarte, giving them safe harbor and jobs in your universities and colleges "for services rendered"

    1. Are you BLIND dumb
      WTF are you taking about
      its your cartels
      So Your sooooo weak your mexicans knell before americans
      We bent your arm and you gave us all the power to control the drug trade
      So all cartels are giving their money and lives for us Americans
      So we own you thats what your saying
      that and your country is soo weak it needs us to run your drugs for you
      WOW are you old enough to be on this site
      Nap time for you
      Go read some history books
      And stop listinig to FAKE NEWS

  4. Their is evidence that yesterday near Coalcoman and Ciudad Victoria bordering Jalisco the Chocomiles from La Costa and Teplatepec were trying to catch the Jaliscos off guard things didn't go as planned and they ended up getting surrounded and slaughtered. Some say 16 dead their are some images of the pickup trucks and the loot the Jaliscos took. Then a certain person that is an Informant received an Audio from the Guardia National where Benjamin Herrera or his brother is begging the commander based in La Ruana that the monsters have them surrounded and to send them a Helicopter so they can help them. They never showed this might be the reason. Here is the article on that.

    I am posting the audio I am talking about it's on on Blog del Narco's twitter feed but they did post the source the link above is it. I am hoping you make an article about this. Audio is crisp.

    Here is the article on that.


    You can read all those comments on what took place yesterday in Michocan in detail they say names and everything.


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