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Monday, August 24, 2020

CDN: An uptick in violence in Piedras Negras and Northern Coahuila causes big hits to CDN

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

A CDN-generated uptick in violence and the mobilization of federal and state forces into the Piedras Negras specifically, and northern Coahuila in general, has resulted in large CDN losses. 18 CDN killed in one week. CDN is the Northeast Cartel which is what remains of the core of Los Zetas, primarily operated and led  by the Trevino family and based in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, with control of the majority of Coahuila especially in the north, their main area of influence.  

CDN also has a large presence in Nuevo Leon and its all-important city of Monterrey.

Four days ago multiple narco message banners called “Narco-Mantas” appeared in the border city of Piedras Negras, which has been comparatively peaceful since the ultra-violent war between CDG and Zetas in former years. A manta was also hung in the municipality of Zaragoza.  Although the content was not made public, they were signed by CDN.

Then yesterday, mantas appeared in Piedras that were allegedly hanged by Zeta Vieja Escuela, claiming they are “The respected Zs”. ZVE is the splinter group of original Zetas, and bitter enemies of CDN.

          Mayor of Piedras Negras

Today a message signed by CDN, was uploaded to social media,  sent to me by my friend Lacy, which paraphrase translation is:
“We send a statement to all the citizens;  that we have come to a fight that is  not against civilians, it is against Claudio Bres and those who posture as policemen!  Those Special Forces, Coahuila etc. They're just bullshitting the people; we don't want any more corruption.

We don't want to cause harm to innocent civilians, don't leave your homes...”  
Along with federal and state forces, CDN is fighting against;  ZVE, CDG, and CJNG who has a presence in Tamaulipas through an agreement with CDG cells.


  1. haha ya andan tirando manotadas y patadas de ahogado

  2. Puro cdn men of war the Scottish battalion of grupo elite will join the frontlines soon I have been watching films like the Alamo the patriot and braveheart to give myself some courage before riding into battle on my Scottish pony beside el senor huevo Trevino


  3. Jaliscas dont have an agreement with cdg cells. They have an a agreement with one cdg faction. The metros from reynosa are the only tamaulipas group that ask their new daddy mencho for help. As far as this story. Piedras negras was cdg till the zetas cdg split. Its clear that cdn even with their recent loses or perhaps because of them wants to expand out of laredo. I wld think since the frontera chica section is cdg and cdn cant quite take it from cdg it makes sense to expand west instead of east. But if zve is in piedras negras it might not be easy at all. Cdn is basically surrounded by enemy factions on all sides even in monterrey they have enemies.

  4. Wasnt Piedras Negras old Cartel de Juarez turf?

  5. Like always they’ll go away and come back again nothing new


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