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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Mexican judge orders arrest of 19 former federal police

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A Mexican judge has issued warrants for the arrest of 19 former federal police officials under the last government, including a former chief of police for the capital, for alleged organized crime and money laundering, officials said on Tuesday.

According to three officials, former Mexico City police chief Jesus Orta and 18 others are suspected of embezzling millions of dollars during their time in the federal police under the 2012-2018 presidency of Enrique Pena Nieto.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one official said the suspects were wanted for creating a criminal network of more than three people, defined as organized crime.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador told a news conference that the arrest orders were the result of an investigation into the accounts of the previous Interior Ministry, which then controlled the federal police. He did not provide details.


Orta, who was general secretary of the federal police at the start of the Pena Nieto administration, later served as chief of police in Mexico City, the capital, under current Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum until his resignation last October.

Among the 18 others wanted is Frida Martinez, another former general secretary of federal police described in Mexican media as a protege of Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who was interior minister for most of Pena Nieto’s administration.

Neither Orta nor Martinez could be reached immediately for comment.

Sheinbaum is a close ally of Lopez Obrador and is a member of his political party, the leftist National Regeneration Movement, or MORENA.

Orta also held important posts in the city government under current Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard when he was mayor of Mexico City from 2006-2012, following Lopez Obrador.

Reporting by Dave Graham and Lizbeth Diaz; Editing by Leslie Adler


  1. It is impossible for this group to have existed without support from above. Exciting situation. Will the case buckle to pressure and be closed? Will Garcia Luna be blamed?
    Will the police chief 'kill himself'?

    Exciting story in the endless tragedy called Mexico.

    1. Luis Cárdenas Palomino and Genarco Garcia Luna fired everybody too, and replaced them with new corrupt cops who had passed their "examinations", they seen to have been genetically enhanced at the FBI to pass examinations in cold blood, incluye Eduardo Medina Mora, Eduardo pequeño, Francisco rosas and his boss Ricardo salinas of tv Azteca and the BOSS, the devil himself, Carlos Slim Helu presiding from high above flying on his "Plataforma Slim"...incluye remarco Garcia luna's hire:
      "jefe de la policia de inteligencia" Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch alias "El Trucutú" and "The Ghost of Ayotzinapa"...orta may have stolen a lotta money, his former goodfella Harfuch knew, and he needed the job for himself to stage the attempt ASAP on his way to secretary of public security or SEDENA and then a State Coup the likes of which we ain't seem since Victoriano "el mariguano" Huerta or Pinochet...

  2. Orta may have been Ebrard Puchacacas, they say "hombre soltero y maduro, joto seguro"...
    But Claudia Rebsamen is also making plays to keep Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch in the job Orta used to have, under a new name, "México City Secretary of Citizens Security"...
    AMLO also bet on another woman, who had gor too busy giving contracts to argentinian pimp carlos ahumada Kurtz worth billions of peisos "just because he was such a good fuck" un NY, Germany, Cuba, Russia...
    Then ahumada staged PRD people of AMLO receiving kickbacks...
    Claudia Rebsamen need to watch her ass..

  3. @Admins check out this article, relevant reading material


    1. 9:32 great reading! Basically explains how the narco cannot survive without the protection of the government AND how the government officials (politicoans/military/police) are addicted to the bribes it collects from the narcos.

    2. 9:32 very good find, thanks!

  4. when ALMO starts arresting Mayors and Governors I will start believeing his huggs are working
    until then a few bad cops dont mean shit


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