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Thursday, August 13, 2020

"El Capuchino" Plaza Leader of Cartel Independent Acapulco Falls

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UnoTv / FJE Guerrero/ xeva
                             “El Capuchino” leader of the Acapulco Independent Cartel falls:
José Ángel Galeano Palacios,“El Capuchino”, identified as the alleged plaza leader of the Acapulco Independent Cartel , was detained in the Municipality of Panindícuaro  Michoacán .

Through a statement, authorities from the state of Guerrero , as well as from Michoacán , announced the capture of the " Capuchino ", who is related to the murder of three people; as well as for the crime of injuries committed to the detriment of a fourth victim; events that occurred in the state of Guerrero.

This is what is known from the capture of the "Capuchino" in Michoacán:

The Attorney General's Office of the State of Michoacán ( FGE ) reported that as a result of coordinated work with the National Anti- Kidnapping Coordination ( Conase ) and the Attorney General's Office of the State of Guerrero, José Ángel “N” , alias“ El Capuchino ”, was captured this Tuesday during an operation and in compliance with an arrest warrant.

“(…) For its possible relationship in the homicide of three people and the crime of injuries, committed to the detriment of a fourth victim; events that occurred in the state of Guerrero". States the Michoacán Prosecutor's Office as the official part.

This is how the operation was carried out in Panindícuaro, Michoacán:
Once investigative acts were carried out, it was possible to establish the possible presence of José Ángel “N” in the entity , which is why the collaboration of the Attorney General of Michoacán was requested.

This Tuesday, when personnel from the Kidnapping Combat Unit (UECS) carried out an operational action on the Western Highway, in coordination with Conase and the Guerrero State Prosecutor's Office , at the center of the municipality of Panindícuaro , it was possible to detect José Ángel “N”, who at the time of identifying himself showed a driver's license in the name of another person, to try to evade the action of justice by the authorities.

Once the respective protocols are met, the detainee will be transferred to the state of Guerrero, to be presented before the jurisdictional authority that claims him, in order to determine his legal situation, explained the Michoacán Prosecutor's Office .

Elements of the Michoacán Prosecutor's Office's Kidnapping Combat Unit arrested José Ángel Galeana Palacios, ''El Capuchino'', leader of the Acapulco Independent Cartel.

Without giving details, the State Prosecutor's Office reported that the capture of 'El Capuchino' was carried out on the Autopista de Occidente, near the municipality of Panindícuaro.

Guerrero security areas place ''El Capuchino'' as the head of that cell of ''Los Beltrán Leyva'' in Guerrero territory, with operations in the municipality of Acapulco.

This cartel is in charge of controlling the sale and transfer of drugs, as well as the collection of fees from companies and businesses on the Miguel Aleman coast, ie extortion.
One of the main centers of operation of the Acapulco Independent Cartel is the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) of Las Cruces, Acapulco.

The FJE Press Release:
Acapulco, Gro. August 11, 2020.- Ministerial and anti-kidnapping agents of the Guerrero State Attorney General's Office in joint work with the Michoacán Prosecutor's Office and the National Anti-kidnapping Coordination (CONASE) through intelligence and field work, achieved the apprehension of José Ángel “N”, alias “El Capuchino”, designated as the head of the Acapulco Independent Cartel (CIDA).

Said joint action was achieved through coordinated work to execute the arrest warrant for the crime of Qualified Homicide, through close coordination between the corporations that implemented the location operation that concluded with the arrest of whoever was identified as being the probable person responsible for the crimes of kidnapping, homicide and collection of fees in colonies of the port of Acapulco.

With the arrest of José Ángel “N”, the State Attorney General's Office reiterates its commitment to bring before the corresponding judicial authorities those likely responsible for the commission of a crime, respecting their human rights at all times and thereby guaranteeing the right of law enforcement for relatives of victims affected by actions of people committed to committing crimes in various regions of Guerrero.


  1. Largest heroin bust in Atlanta history tied to CJNG

  2. Well, does he have a LifeAlert button to press?

  3. Free la Barbie CIDA made Acapulco safe.

    1. 3:42 yes, el barbas y la Barbie made Cacapulco safe, which the past and present State Criminals in power like Aguirre, Astudillo & Conejo did not like or need.

  4. Replies
    1. Yea but more of a extortion and robbery gang not even a cartel since the Barbie got caught

    2. Yep they’re fighting BLO and old school zetas I believe.

  5. His capture is a little to close to home.

    1. A kidnapping, extortionist, murderous POS


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