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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Five females killed in in Nicolás Romero EdoMex, 4 minors 1 adult

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Diario de Mexico

The State of Mexico.- Five women, four of them minors were killed on Wednesday night, inside a home in the El Gavillero neighborhood, in the municipality of Nicolás Romero, the Attorney General of Justice of the State of Mexico reported.

The five  were found by municipal police, with bullet wounds., one of them was pregnant.

Personnel from the Attorney General of the State of Mexico carried out various expert tests and the removal of the bodies under the gender protocol.

Neighbors, family members and possible witnesses to the events were interviewed, as well as the tracking of state and municipal video surveillance cameras.

"This was the date of whores in debt who couldn’t pay what they owed. 
With this act their debts are hereby settled. ".- Sol Prendido 

Unofficial versions suggest that the murder could be a settling of accounts for small-scale trafficking since it is presumed that high-caliber weapons for the exclusive use of the Army were used and inside the house was a cardboard with a "message" of non-payment.
Graphic images below

Elements of the National Guard, state and municipal police guarded the area to facilitate the work of the experts.

The bodies were transferred in an ambulance of the Forensic Medical Service, to the facilities of the Mexican Attorney General's Office.


  1. Manta reads as follows:
    This was the date of whores in debt who couldn't pay what they owed. With this act their debts are hereby settled.
    - Sol Prendido

    1. It's actually FATE. My tablet is still doing it's own thing.

      - Sol Prendido

    2. That is how you translate for viewer reading Sol, I always thought that, not translations word for word which often makes no sense in English. Well done sir, I hope you stick around.

    3. This is a more accurate translation:

      "Bitches who owe and don't pay. Well, now they paid"

  2. Is that a puddle of blood?? In the last pic? Dang...

  3. Cjng or familia Michoacáns killing women and children as usual

  4. Living in that squalor, they couldn’t be making much. Poor women probably got killed over crumbs.

  5. For being bitches, for owing ($$$) and for not paying, they've paid!!!
    Thankiu Sol.

  6. There's no justify killing a minor, but one thing about Mexico is they don't do the whole femmenist thing, you really are equal.

    1. There's no justification for killing anyone. Pretty sure a resolution would have been met without bloodshed.
      Majority of crimes are senseless and often questioned in the end if such actions were required. This atonement usually comes when one is shackled and confined in a box.
      Just senseless.

      Good work SOL& borderlandbeat.


  7. What a waste of life. You should not kill people over money. How high could their debt be? As the perpetrators will most likely not see a judge I hope they get lifted by their rivals.
    Thx Chivis and Thx Sol, might have have one in a couple hours :)

    1. I stand corrected, but I hope it's the same Sol, so many fakes.

  8. so Sad hope they did not suffer. so Sad killing kid and females

  9. Replies
    1. That terminology seems to fly too loosely nowadays.

  10. Very lucky not to be dismembered alive!

  11. What a fucked up life. They say money doesn't bring happiness or health but if it can help you and your loved ones move out of environments where danger is very present that is good enough. My people need to study to educate themselves and their future loved ones, to not go the easy route and seek escape of life's hardships by consuming narcotics and entangling themselves with those people and to demand results from their governments even if it takes 2 generations. Everything worth fighting for takes dedication and hard work. Fuck all those heartless bastards that are willing to harm and kill innocents, when the grim reaper is upon them lets see if the don't turn into coward bitches

    IPA drinker

  12. Mexico is a depressing place right now. Honestly I used to love it there. I've been to at least half of the 32 states and hope to return one day. But this as got to end. I miss Chapo. Long gone are those days of feeling safe and secure and travelling off the beaten path. Seeing all the hidden gems and amazing historical places one can see. I hope this ends one day.

  13. You can write him in prison
    his cell number

    You miss a ruthless killing muderer
    drug lord Amazing
    Thank God these basterds didnt take that baby kut of her to warn off others
    looked like he started to by the looks of the cut on her side


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