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Thursday, July 9, 2020

El Ponchis, Mexico's first 'El Niño Sicario", confessed to slitting the throats of his victims, what happened to him?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat material from Vanguardia and Borderland Beat Archives Proceso

The tragic story of 'El Ponchis', the boy hitman who learned to murder at age 11 ... 'at first I felt horrible…'

At just 11 years old, Edgar Jiménez Lugo, 'El Ponchis', was the first case of child hitmen known and documented in Mexico; the minor confessed that he had cut the throat of four people and that he was in charge of a group of youngsters distributing cocaine in Morelos.

In 2019 violence has broken historical records, hundreds of people have died as a result of the drug war, including innocent lives like children; Just a week ago, Mexico was dismayed when a 4-year-old boy died riddled with bullets, along with his father in Cajeme, Sonora.

However, there are other minors who enter the world of deaths and drugs, such is the case of the ' Sicario boy' from Morelos, 'El Ponchis'.


The story of this minor, Ponchis,  was one of the most emblematic cases and the first documented in Mexico, who would have been recruited by organized crime at age 11.

He was dedicated, along with other children, to distribute cocaine to drug dealers in the state of Morelos.

In 2010, at age 14, he was arrested on charges of possession of exclusive military weapons and for his involvement in kidnappings, torture, and killings.

 'El Ponchis' confessed to having cut the throat of four people. As a minor, in 2013 he was incarcerated in a therapeutic facility and released when he turned 18 and transferred to the United States, where he was born and had part of his family.

The opinions of the experts of the prison, where he was for a short time, detailed that 'El Ponchis' was a quiet and introverted young man.

The minor confessed that he was recruited to work for Julio Hernández Radilla, 'El Negro’, who is behind bars for the murder of the poet Javier Sicilia's son.

          Ponchis grandmother gained custody, she is above Ponchis center at his birthday


'El Ponchis' grew up in a dysfunctional family. Drugs and incarceration were a big part of the story.  The streets of San Diego became his home. 

He was taken by child protective service workers after testing reportedly found cocaine in Edgar's bloodstream…. at birth. Both parents were addicted to crack cocaine and had frequent brushes with the law.

His paternal grandmother filed for and was awarded custody of Ponchis and he joined her and in Morelos.  He did well and was happy.  His grandmother made sure he attended school.  He loved his grandmother; she was his world. 

In a tragic turn of events, his grandmother died of cancer and Ponchis was once again on his own. 

He was not yet 12 years old.


Julio de Jesus Radilla Hernandez, alias "El Negro," a leader in cártel del Pacífico Sur, befriended Ponchis and was persistent in recruiting the youngster. Negro had dated an older sister of the boy.  He was lured by what was a fortune to Ponchis. He was added to their ranks, they paid him 2,500 dollars to execute, in his own words "at first he felt horrible."

“I have killed four people, I had their throats cut, I felt horrible, but I was forced, with the threat of killing me if I didn't. I just cut their throats, but I never went to hang the bodies on the bridges,” he confessed when he was detained by elements of the Mexican Army.

Ponchis was arrested by Mexican Army troops last December as he attempted to board a flight for Tijuana en route/escape to his mother's home in San Diego, California.

Paraded before the press by soldiers, the boy confessed to the murders and other crimes.

Credited with time serviced, Jimenez was be released in December 2013, court officials told the Mexican press. Since he faces no U.S. charges, the boy will be free to move north of the border upon release.

During his interrogation he confessed to having worked for, “El Negro”, imprisoned for the murder of the son of the poet Javier Sicilia.


Under judicial reforms enacted nine years ago, Morelos state sets a maximum sentence of three years for offenders aged 12 to 15. Older minors can be sentenced to five years in prison, and those younger than 12 can't be tried at all.

Credited with time serviced, Jimenez was released in December 2013, court officials told the Mexican press.

Since he faces no U.S. charges, he was completely free when returned to the United States upon his release.


Edgar served his three-year sentence in a juvenile prison. During his stay in prison, he learned to read and write, in addition to receiving psychological attention.

He was released and was on his way to the United States — where he would soon live as a free man. Or, rather, a free boy. The killer, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known to Mexican crime reporters as “El Ponchis,” was still only 17 years old.

Mexican authorities consider him, as a victim of organized crime.  He was transferred to either San Antonio or San Diego to live with relatives.

Supposedly he still lives in the U.S. States.

After his release, the then-Morelos government secretary, Jorge Messeguer, told the press that the opinions of the prison experts, where he served his short sentence, cataloged him as a quiet and introverted young man.

To an express question of whether it was possible for the young man to commit a crime again, the official was clear: "We did everything in our power, while he was hospitalized we offered him psychological support, instruction and even guaranteed protection upon his departure."

Edgar Jiménez Lugo was a victimizer but also a victim, 'El Ponchis' is just one example, perhaps the bloodiest, of a national reality: criminal children.

The future of the now 24-year-old is uncertain.

Just before his release, he gave an interview to Proceso where he said about his future;

What are you thinking when you are within the four walls, Edgar?

Well, I think about working, having a family, wellness, you know a future

Have you spoken to your mother over in the united states?

No for now but when I arrive I will–

How do you picture yourself?

I'm seeing myself, coming to society as a good man, like I already said, already reflected some things and I'm feeling there's motivation to try other things, it isn’t the same anymore, everything is positive now.


  1. This has to be studied . I mean if he actually stays out of trouble and lives a decent live. or he goes back to life of crime , it should be documented. I hope he stays clean

    1. I hope he does stay clean also
      but deep in side that brain is or has been embedded by evil
      I blame the selfish Parents and the drug cartels
      If You live in Mexico Stop having children Until you know they can have a SAFE SANE HONEST FUTURE
      God please if the last thing you ever do for humans on this earth Protect the Babys and young innocent children

    2. What about his two hot sisters las chavelas? They were also involved in crime.

    3. 8:49 who protected children in Vietnam, Rwanda, or the US, chingadamadre?

  2. Thanks Chivas.Just a horrible situation.

  3. What happened to CPS? And all they're teenage killers. I remember watching the videos on BDN, where this guy ponchis and his friends were torturing people.

  4. When AMLO talks about "abrazos no balazos" this is who he is referring to. He is referring to "los ninis" (ni trabajan ni estudian) AMLO's focus is on Mexico's future. He's putting his money on something he may not live to see. Social reform needs to take place in Mexico in order for society to get back on the righteous path and thats why he is investing in education and social programs. That's why he has taken it upon himself to be the one to start that challenge despite the negativecriticismhe knows he will have to face... You can knock the mexican president for taking a more pacifist stance in his approach to leading the country but one thing you can not do is call him a hypocrite for preaching for peace while waging war. He leads by example whether you like it or not.

    1. There are 45,000 body bags laughing at your post. It is not his money, it is your money he forces you to pay him. He is not getting you back on the righteous path, Mexico is roaring down the highway to hell.
      You can't commie your way out of this one.
      The USA's nonsensical "War on Drugs" is the root of your problem. The only solution is to legalise drugs and firearms
      Hugging murderous adolescents is not going to get you anywhere.

    2. @5:16 I can't tell you what the outcome would've been if AMLO had lost the election but what I can tell you is the death rate would have kept climbing. You want to put the blame on the current administration when in reality the last 3 are what got mexico where it is right now. The reason all shit broke loose is because Peña Nieto decided to extradite Chapo which created the mess mexico is currently in.

      As far as the money goes AMLO can decide where he wants to allocate some or most of the taxpayers money. Isn't that what most democracies do? I don't get how AMLO is a commie now because he wants to focus on education and social programs rather than a CIVIL WAR or a war on drugs, help me out here bud... The U.S has education and social programs for its citizens without being labeled a socialist or communist society, why can't Mexico have the same? So for the record, it isn't a literal HUG, it's embracing Mexicos lost youth and providing them with the tools and resources so that they dont become murderous adolescents. I dont get how you think creating schools and teaching adolescents trades or providing resources for higher learning isn't going to get them anywhere🤔? I can't believe how you think the ONLY solution for mexico is legalizing drugs and guns...🤭🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. Do you see how Silly that seems? Legalize guns and drugs over investing schools and social programs. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤯🤯🤯🤯. No mames.

    3. No, I don't see how silly that is.

    4. 🤔You don't see how Silly that is. Ok, let me show you...

      According to you, its better for at-risk youth to have drugs and guns over an education and social programs.

      An education and social programs will atleast prepare this vulnerable population with a trade or skill and basic necessities like affordable medicine, food and potable water and at times maybe a roof over their head.

      Explain to me how drugs and guns will help them move further in life. Again bud, please help me. I'm trying to make sense of your logic without laughing.

      The funnier part is you want to tell me I have 45,000 body bags laughing at my post! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 okay🤭🤭🤭🙄. I think you need more help than the people down south.

    5. 10:25 you need to get your head out of your ass and see things and the world as they really are, without neo-liberal narco-propaganda clouds.
      Guts and drugs have never fixed any world problems anywhere in the last 300 Years, worse, drug trafficking has created more and more problems every year with the help of more and more weapons defended by anti-US partisanos and their 2nd ammendment BS

    6. It is silly to kidnap a man and lock him in a cage for growing a plant.
      It is silly to kidnap a man and lock him in a cage for selling flowers.
      It is silly to kidnap a man and lock him in a cage for smoking flowers.
      You are silly if you think corrupt Mexican police are going to turn up and save you from being chopped up on video by the cartel.
      Legalise drugs and then the criminals are out of the equation and the economy booms. Then you can have all the social and education programs you want.
      Arm your family to the teeth and no one will dare to mess with you.
      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

    7. "Legalize drugs and then the criminals are out of the equation and the economy booms....."🤣😂🤣
      Hahahaha, you should run for president! 🤣😂🤣 I would vote for you over Kanye any day!🤣😂🤣

  5. OUT OF TOPIC. Danm the war between los Chapitos and mayos just got more intense they killed Los Chapitos cuz today I guess they started targeting blood related family members now

    1. Jaja and mike miller said it was over, what a clown, dont ever believe what he says

    2. For all we know Chapitos killed him, like el Chapo killed the deceased brother and guero bastidas.

    3. 9:09 for all we know you are a cds cheerleader

    4. 9:09

      How did they kill a "deceased brother"? If he's already dead how did they "kill" him again? Was he a zombie?

  6. It is a an irresponsible mistake to not monitor this young man for at least 10 years. El Ponchis has been "blooded".... This means he has tasted the thrill of murder (probably more than 4X). Butting victims throats is not quite the same a killing in warfare.
    Killing, "up close and personal" is a powerful transformative experience.

    Think of these murders where the victim(s) is/are captured, likely Q&A tortured, readied for killing, etc. We have seen enough videos of this process to know the terror of the experience on victims.

    Ponchis was an executioner... A powerful state, that can be erotically addictive (social sciences research indicates). Morality, civil and religious constraints get buried for orgasmic rush of killing a helpless human being.

    I don't care what therapists say about Ponchis being "safe"... Why?
    Because I have known numbers of killers and because the literature on this topic supports what I wrote. Here, I remind you of many eminent serial killers who epitomize looking normal during their heinous careers.

    So, would you hire this young man? Have him over for dinner? Or, live in your neighborhood?
    NOT me!

    P.S. I have video I call "La Pinata" and "The Kiss of Death" (both titles are accurate). A man is hanging from the ceiling with his hands tied and feet tied. The men beat him with hard objects, like a pinata. as he swings back and forth. The victim's mouth is bandaged shut. El Ponchis and another teen are seen witnessing from a doorway and do not seem perturbed on bit.

    At one point the beating stops and one of the sinister torturer comes up to the victim face, like a gentle lover, says things. The beating resumes. The the torturer again goes to the victim and gently kisses him several times. The while making what looks like love talk.

    This display of sadistic torture was the kind of personality shaping milieu that El Ponchis lived in.

    1. You have many many facts that speak truth
      Just sad Babys are not born bad
      They are molded to be bad

      No I would not have him over for dinner But I would not be overly cruel But I know from my abuse It causes deep seated pain
      And it does affect us forever
      it takes yrs and yrs to understand and forever to over come

    2. Ponchis probably doesn't view death like you do. You seem to be the one that needs 10 years of supervision....calm down, GFunk.

      This kid obviously got his shit together and was observed by professionals, that of which you are not. Shoot, I bet this Ponchis kid got his shit tip-top organized because of his experiences.

      You do not know this child (now adult) and he isn't out there like some killer narco-junior as it seems you are hoping to soon imply.....

    3. "Blooded"

      Take your meds.

    4. I agree that he is and always will be a killer given the opportunity. Needs to be supervised the rest of his life.

    5. I think he's dead. If I'm not mistaken he was killed in Zacatecas. I could be wrong

    6. not him. there was a story from a YT vid that said that but was confused with another. as of 2019 there are multiple reports he is alive and some reports insist he is still wearning a monitor. But I doubt that after that long he would have one.

  7. Can't believe, his victims must have been hog tied. To cut their thoats, no way 11 year old could cut my thoat.

    1. Hey Shoot, obviously you jhave not seen the video. yes tied and hanged. one, a taxi driver throast was slit from the backseat

    2. I bet a 9 year old could cut your throat if you was all seriously arms and legs in the air, hog tied.....5 year old could do it with a sharp enough blade....

      I seen a 4 year old play a guitar like an adult, so why couldn't he or she not cut your throat?? Is this overboard? My interpretation?

  8. No child should ever bear the burden of self preservation. Moreover, the proper love & guidance required for upbringing.
    Despite the atrocities committed by this child at an early age, his transition of living seems to be going well for him.
    Unlike others who have yet to show remorse.

    Heartbreaking and a bit of joy is what this article has brought upon this morning with my coffee and paper.
    Life is what we make of it. Keep this in mind kid & everything will fall into place.

  9. Whos the light skinned child sicario with the afro from about the same time? He is also called el ponchis.

    1. @7:43- I know who you are talking about. There is a photo of the afro Ponchis holding an AK straight up in the air with like six other dudes. They all wear masks.

      Also there are videos of these guys torturing fools who are tied up and hanging from the ceiling...

    2. Yeah I remember that guy bieng el ponchis not who they show here. The guero ponchis had execution videos.

  10. Didn't they deport him, got sought and killed him? I remember hearing that he was got.

    1. no. first of all he could not be deported, he has dual citizzenship. he was sent to relatives in san antonio.

      He was no big player, no one wanted to kill him.

      as of 10 mos ago he was alive, and unconfirmed reports had him back in california.

  11. That’s one of the problems with free societies, every detail is regulated, you need a drivers license, papers for your guns, papers for pets, for fishing, your buildings.... even for picking up wood in the forest, you need papers BUT for child’s no papers required. Children are the most valuable asset we have and each fucking pendejo is allowed to .....
    I hope he can sleep at night and made something out of his life to made his granny proud.

  12. This is a sad story that hundreds of thousands Mexicans and young men especially are subjected to poverty and dysfunction and fall victims to the drug trade where they are used as cannon fodder and reduced to unfeeling killing machines. This goes to show that for Mexico to reduce the violence it must deal with poverty through huge social programs, end the war on drugs and crackdown hard on corruption of government institutions. Young men with bright futures would not join an industry from which most won’t live more than a few years.

  13. I wondered what happened to Ponchis. I recall BB having good coverage but nothing since then, or anywhere else, so I appreciate the update chivis.

  14. To think, how a successful and public rehabilitation of this boy would send hope to everyone throughout Mexico but no, he is just cast aside into the shadows forever.

  15. El Ponchis

    You know that I am not bad, life has led me to this.
    I am guilty and I have sinned, I betrayed the fifth commandment
    my God! open your doors for me, please don't leave me alone
    Death sat at my table and I feel it touch my shoulder

    Plebes who follow in my footsteps, I am going to give you some advice
    Value family and work, be men of profit
    In the mafia there are two certain things: either prison or death

    1. Chivis isn't that a Calibre 50 song? El niño sicario?

    2. Si

  16. Instead of spending a fortune on this swine hoping he does not re offend, you should have sent him off to meet his maker the same as a dog that has tasted human flesh.
    Why the hell should anybody work hard all day and then be forced to pay taxes to help this scumbag?

    1. Because he's a USA citizen, didn't you read the whole story? By the way you're complaining you must pay tens, hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars or most likely just in pennies.

  17. Hope hes dead. For a better mexico. That kid was a piece of shit already

    1. He's a USA citizen, slowly read the story so you can comprehend that's where he currently lives.

  18. Nature vs nurture
    For his sake we will never kbow what became of him
    But his victim's famiily's must be upset at the 3 year term and free pass to good ol USA


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