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Thursday, July 2, 2020

''El Alacrán'' falls, Implicated in the Murder of Judge Villegas Ortez

Yaqui for BorderlandBeat from: Excelsior / El Sol / LaJornada
                           ''El Alacrán'' falls, implicated in the murder of Judge Villegas Ortez:

Uriel Villegas Ortiz, who handled drug trafficking and other organized crime cases, and Verónica Barajas were shot and killed in front of their two daughters, aged 3 and 7, and a domestic worker.

The gunmen fled the murder scene and remain at large. Upon arrival at the judge’s rented home, the murderers feigned interest in a pickup truck he was selling him before opening fire, the newspaper Reforma reported, as we did here on BB. 

A person identified as Jaime "T", alias "El Alacrán", hitman of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) , was arrested for his involvement in the murder of federal control judge Uriel Villegas Ortiz, and his wife, which occurred on Tuesday, the 16th June in the city of Colima.

According to the investigations, Jaime Tafolla Ortegaa CJNG's hitman, is also related to the disappearance and feminicide of the deputy Anel Bueno Sánchez.

From the investigations, it appears that "El Alacrán" would have acted in revenge, because Judge Villegas imposed an informal prison measure on four of his relatives related to the murder of a deputy on June 7 last.
According to investigations, the alleged material perpetrator of this murder is also related to the disappearance and feminicide of deputy Anel Bueno Sánchez , whose body was located on June 3, after a 34-day absence in a clandestine grave.

From the investigations, it appears that as part of the investigations into the murder of the local Deputy Francis, and her remains found in a clandestine grave on June 7, a search was carried out, where Heliodoro "T" was arrested, Eustolia "O" Heriberto "T" and Danna "F" (father, mother, brother and sister-in-law respectively of the "Alacrán"), who were detained with firearms for the exclusive use of the army and drugs, the Colima Delegation of the FGR  started a Research folder.
In addition, there is another person who is under arraignment, related to these events, detained along with Jaime “T”, who was identified as David Ulises Lara Ramírez, another CJNG sicario, ie hitman.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) reported that the arrest of "El Alacrán" was carried out during an operation to complete an arrest warrant, in coordination with the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, in the city of Cuauhtémoc in the state of Colima.

For the murder of Judge Villegas Ortiz , and his wife Verónica Barajas, an arrest warrant was also executed , in secrecy, against Ayard "B", alias "El Canelo".

The arrest warrant against Jaime "T" was issued by a Judge of the Accusatory Criminal System, of the Second Judicial Party of the state of Colima, based in Tecomán.

The Colima Public Ministry secured firearms for the exclusive use of the Army and drugs, which is why the Colima Delegation of the FGR was given jurisdiction, where the investigation folder began.

When the file was judicialized, it was up to the Control Judge Villegas Ortiz to determine the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention for relatives of the accused, which occurred on June 14, two days before his murder.

The Colima Prosecutor's Office requested the corresponding collaboration, for the search, location and completion of the arrest warrant, against "El Alacrán" for the probable commission of the crimes of disappearance committed by individuals, feminicide and crimes related to the disappearance of people.

The FGR stated that Jaime “T”, after his arrest, was placed at the disposal of a Control Judge to determine his legal situation.

The federal control judge based in Colima, Villegas Ortiz, and his wife, Verónica Barajas, were killed on the morning of Tuesday, June 16, inside their home located in the Real Vista Hermosa neighborhood, in the Colima capital.

The victims were with their two daughters, 3 and 7 years old, as well as the domestic worker who worked with them, who were unharmed.

In January, Judge Villegas Ortiz was re-enrolled from Jalisco to Colima and, according to information from the Federal Judicial Council (CJF), had rejected the personal protection service with escorts.

In his work as Control Judge, he was responsible for solving criminal matters related to drug trafficking and organized crime, some related to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), as one of the main lines of investigation into the events.

According to the versions, on June 16, at approximately 11:15 am, the assassins entered a house of Judge Villegas Ortiz to carry out the double homicide.


  1. Ok somebody explain to me how these murders are good for business?

    1. Some are working for s rival cartel and some dont want to align with cjng, in other words some deserve it and the rest are getting killed for doing the right thing which shouldnt happen

    2. They ARE sending a message to ALL other judges.. IMO

  2. the pic of the cholas is from wayyyyy back....u look like blog de narco hahaha

  3. Ok somebody explain to me how the Cholas from Neza pic fit in the article?

  4. what do Las Cholas Del Valle Del Chalco have to do with this?

  5. Los lentes así significa que mi barrio me respalda 😎

  6. Excelent arrests will they stay in prison or will the judge fabricate a technical issue and set them free, to continue killing people?:

  7. Bet he was sold out


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