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Thursday, July 2, 2020

5 Criminal Subjects Given 55 Year Sentences for Human Trafficking, Mostly Minors and Women

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior /
          55 years in prison is the sentence of 5 subjects for organized crime and human trafficking:

The five, 3 men and 2 women, are accused of trafficing undocumented immigrants from Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico to the United States. A trial judge sentenced five people for organized crime offenses in order to commit the crime of trafficking in undocumented immigrants and for trafficking in persons.

The District Judge issued a sentence of 55 years in prison and two million 963 thousand 588.23 pesos of fine against Jesús “H” , alias “El Padrino”, of 38 years six months and two million 26 thousand 710.47 pesos against Benigno "H", alias "Güero" and 16 years six months and 13 thousand 593 days fine against Alma Delia "J", Norma Nidia "M", José Dolores "A".

 Jesús Herrera Rodríguez aka "El Padrino"

- Benigno Herrera Rodríguez aka "El Güero"

- Alma Delia Jiménez Rodríguez

- Norma Nidia Muñoz Guijarro

- José Dolores Aguilar Lira

The five people are part of a band of smugglers of undocumented immigrants, who are attributed to smuggling undocumented immigrants from Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico to the United States, mainly minors, adolescents and women.

The SEIDO Specialized Unit for Investigation of Traffic in Minors, Persons and Organs (UEITMPO) will provide the evidence, the Fourteenth District Court for Federal Criminal Proceedings in Mexico City, determined the aforementioned penalties.


  1. So now they've been convicted, where's their mugshot?

    1. HA!! They will be out in mere days. Minors don’t get the same protection in Mexico that the blood thirsty killers do.

    2. 3:06 mug shots yes, but guess what...they will black out thier eyes, even though they have been convicted of the crimes, they still get thier names and faces covered, yes tell me about the stupid laws in Mexico.

  2. Jeffrey Epstein got murdered in prison
    in NY (US) to keep him quiet about his friends and partners and investors...
    He would have taken 50 years in prison all by himself.

  3. 55 years divided by five, out in a bit over six, that still isn't a long sentence by any stretch. that is to say, it would be so if it weren't time they've got to do in a Mexican prison. I imagine that even one single day in there is long and nearly unbearable..


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