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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tamaulipas: Zetas and CDG 2nd day fierce battle in La Frontera Chica

Chivis Martinez images from Facebook, La Opinion and Twitter

Los Metros/CDG have a pact with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) to eliminate other groups in Tamaulipas, violence has spiked in an already relentless, high level of violence.  This is CJNG method of operation, agreement/limited alliance, achieve goal, turn on those who allied with them.

Burned vehicles, among them the so-called “monster” trucks, were the result of a confrontation between drug traffickers from the Northeast Cartel (CDN) and the Gulf Cartel (CDG) in the Los Comales region, a community located in the area known as the Ribereña whose residents live terrified before the onslaught of criminals from the hosts of Cesar Morfin Morfin Morfin alias "PRIMITO" and little or no protection from local authorities, or from the state government whose complicity has been questioned numerous times and the hundreds of military personnel in the area turned into mere witnesses and counters. 

Operating from afar, Mencho sends CJNG sicarios to Tamaulipas working 
under the CJNG-CDG-Metros agreement

Who are Los Metros?

After the arrest of Osiel Cardenas, Zetas led a contentious split from CDG, as leadership was never again able to control the cartel.

CDG then spilt into cells.

One of those cells was Los Metros, a faction of the Gulf Cartel, with a presence in Tamaulipas, mainly in Reynosa. This group was first created by Mario Cardenas Guillen, brother of Osiel Cardenas

        Above, a family of coal workers was attacked, mother dead in truck daughters injured.


  1. damn what a fall from grace for the metros. once Mencho has a foothold in Reynosa, buys out the Guardia national and/or estatales and/or municipales, then flips a few commandantes and their estakas he'll turn on the Metros.. i wouldn't be surprised if CDN and Ciclones sign a non-aggression pact to keep CJNG out of their turfs.. you would think CDG would learn their lesson after Mencho fucked over the old school zetas and seeing what they did in Tijuana but nope... this screams desperation by the metros.. i guess they couldn't handle the CDN hitting em where it hurts (frontera chica and zacatecas and cancun)...

    1. I just don't understand why each group always thinks the end result will be different with their agreement

    2. Isn't CDN allied with Matamoros CDG faction?

  2. How is the situation in Coahuila Chivis? Which group controls Torreón to Saltillo till going up north in piedras negras and acuña? Cdn/sinaloa/cjng/cdg fighting in Coahuila also?

  3. from what I hear CDG requires weapons from the United States and smuggles them across the border. They then resell These Arms two other groups. But my point being is they seem to be very well equipped. Those trucks look like they got hit with 40m shell.

  4. So easy to buy arms and ammo in the US. Online sales exist and travel to a gun show and delight at what you see. Elementary exercise in crossing the border to Mexico, so much easier to head south than north these days, but I’m not telling y’all nothing you don’t already know. I’m just leaving it out there for the few who may have no idea and, of course, to honor the raza and this fine community...


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