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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Juarez Nuevo Leon: Gunmen shoot up retail drug sales house, 5 dead 4 injured

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  PuntoXPunto and images from @Fernand17704066

A total of five people killed and four injured is the report that generates the mobilization in a house in the municipality of Juarez, Nuevo Leon.

According to the first investigations, they indicated that the events were registered on 143 Abedul Street.

According to the preliminary reports of the authorities, they indicated that five people were found inside the house, without any further information regarding the identity of the deceased.

The injured were identified as Oralia Anahi Larraga Pinto, Erik Alberto Zapata Rodriguez, Ricardo Samiel Martinez Martinez and Agustin Rivera Mendoza.

They reported that armed men broke into the home and began shooting.
Neighbors say the were in fear of a shooting happening, and say the house was a retail drug outlet.


  1. It looks as if a couple of the murdered people didn't even see it coming. The most have been in a deep heroin nod. It's so sad what the populace in Mexico has to endure. I understand the individuals were drug sellers but it appears they were selling to support their habit. Regardless the situation they didn't deserve to be gunned down like that. My prayers go out to all the Mexican people, and I pray a solution is found sooner rather than later.

  2. One less drug house to worry about


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