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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Eight men killed in 3 simultaneous attacks in Dolores Hidalgo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   TY Gus   Source

Eight men killed and three wounded was the balance left by three simultaneous attacks on the afternoon of this Tuesday, June 16, at different points in Dolores Hidalgo, which occurred in the Lindavista, La Esperanza and Insurgentes neighborhoods.

One of the events was recorded at a tire shop on Abasolo Street in the Insurgentes neighborhood. The firearm detonations were reported to the 911 emergency system around 17:00 hours on Tuesday; police elements deployed to Abasolo street in the Insurgentes neighborhood to investigate.

Upon arrival, they located the lifeless bodies of two men outside the business, both were on the sidewalk a few meters away from each other; while the other remained inside the business. Another man was also wounded at the scene, who was taken by his own relatives to receive medical attention.

At the same time, police elements were notified of attacks on houses, one in the Lindavista neighborhood, where three men were shot dead and another was seriously wounded; while in the La Esperanza neighborhood, another house was attacked, resulting in two lifeless men.
So far it has not been specified whether the three events are related to each other; and it emerged that in addition to the shower of bullets there was the use of explosives.


  1. Replies
    1. Guanajuato.....birth place of José Alfredo Jimenez.....Dolores Hidalgo ...

  2. Another vulcanisadora attacked in guanajuato. I wonder if they were suspected cartel members or if they just failed to pay extortion money.


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