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Monday, May 25, 2020

Six gunned down in Morelos

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Report 1:
“Events were recorded in the El Vergel neighborhood, where  bodies were found inside a red compact car and others on the street at around 1:00 in the morning.  A person was found still alive.  He was transferred to a hospital in the municipality of Cuautla, however he died on arrival from gunshot injuries.

According to Morelos Police reports, they indicate that the armed attack occurred at dawn in the town of Vergel where up to 40,  9 mm and 2.23 caliber firearm casings were located.
The deceased are identified as Ulises "N", Pedro "N", Alejandro "N", Sergio "N", Martín "N" and Elias "N", who was DOA after  his transfer to the hospital." (some reports refer to the dead as teens)

Another report a few details vary somewhat:

Six people were shot to death this morning in the Municipality of Ayala, in Morelos.

The attack was registered at dawn in the town of El Vergel, confirmed the State Security Commission.
While attending a call made to the 911 emergency number, agents and paramedics found five people dead on a sidewalk.

"Two other people were taken to the hospital aboard a private car, a Versa; but one of them died on the way," CES detailed, according to eyewitness accounts.

"The attackers escaped in a red car with an unknown destination."

The plaza is “raging

The war between organized crime groups is raging in Morelos.

Last  Thursday, five people - three men and two women - were gunned down in a Temixco neighborhood and hours later a dismembered body was found along with a cartulina with threats.

On Wednesday the 20th, a video was broadcast of men cloaked and armed with assault rifles, in which a subject who identified himself as Kalimán warned that they would "clean up" ((retail) drug sellers and directly threatened "El Señorón".

The cartulina next to the dismembered body was just signed by "El Señorón". A few weeks ago another video was released in which alleged hitmen under the command of this character delivered pantries to neighbors in Temixco.

Violence in this area has flared since last month. On April 14, Gaspar Crispín Cortés, "El Cris," was arrested in the same municipality, the alleged leader of a criminal group that controlled the sale of drugs and other criminal activities in towns in the south of the state.

Material from Twitter, El Debate Reforma


  1. Así mata el cobarde cuando el miedo les invade.ahí no ay honor sino plata de por medio.el comandante en jefe Obrador tiene que poner mano dura pero ya. Porque si no esto está que explota. abrazos chivis soy una seguidora suya de hace ya varios añitos.

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