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Monday, May 25, 2020

Michoacan: Sicarios face off in Los Reyes

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Cuarto Poder Michoacan

Morelia, Mich.-Alleged hitmen faced off with assault rifles on the Los Reyes-Jacona highway, at the height of the detour to Tocumbo, where several gunmen had died whose bodies were “rescued” by their accomplices.

The armed crash occurred around 10:30 am, when the gunmen found themselves aboard several vehicles on that road.

In the confrontation, a recent model double-cab pick-up truck was set on fire, blocking the road.

Witnesses say that the shooting lasted only five minutes yet several gunmen were killed.

In the area, only  caps of different calibers remained, as well as the burned-out truck.


  1. At the risk of saying something with no redeeming quality..... I LOVVVVVEEE stories about multiple SICKarios getting killed!! Let the PURGE commence!!

  2. Its sad that its Michoacanos vs Michoacanos. Hope no civilians were killed


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