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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Michoacan: They capture Manny Carrillo, head of the Plaza de Los Viagras in Parácuaro

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus  Cuarto Poder Michoacan

Manuel Carrillo "El Manny Carrillo", alleged head of the La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM) cartel in the municipality of Parácuaro, was captured by members of the Mexican Army and the Ministerial Police, in an operation that allowed a search  of his safe house.

"El Manny Carrillo" was one of the main operators of the LNFM, under the direct orders of Nicolás Sierra Santana "El Gordo", maximum leader of that cartel that has been reorganized with the release from prison of César Sepúlveda Arellano "El Botox", second in command of this criminal organization.

According to the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), “El Manny Carrillo” was detained in a safe house located on Calle 20 de Noviembre, in the Agrarian neighborhood, in the possession of an assault rifle, a pistol, and an armored suv.

"El Manny Carrillo" was a “reformed narco”  in the Self-Defense Groups that took up arms against the Los Caballeros Templarios cartel in 2013. Just last week, in Parácuaro it emerged that "El Manny Carrillo" was raised by LNFM hitmen, after the release from prison of César Sepúlveda "El Botox", the latter who would be in charge of the reorganization of the Michoacán cartel.


  1. Big catch.. CJNG closer to that PLAZA.. Osiel "el mata amigos" el CHAPO el MAYO and other old school capos are THINKING "
    "This mencho guy is no joke, I've been trying to do that for YEARS" 😆

    Most likely he will be RELEASED but if NOT you KNOW what's going ON..

    1. It is, and I don't think most BB people know that. strange

    2. There will be truce before they take the plaza imho. Michoacanos are the type of people who are better off as friends than enemies. In any case, hopefully things go back to how it was when los Beltran Leyva were connected with Michoacan, there was plenty to go around for everyone.

    3. strange indeed

    4. 1:06 the thing is michoacanos have the product and they DON'T discriminate to what CARTEL they should supply..
      It's about 💰
      They been partners with CDS, golfo, zetas, BELTRANES, CAF...
      That PLAZA is more important than WHAT people THINK..they been independent for many years but MENCHO wants inn.. It's costly for both sides financially and SICARIOS wise but if MENCHO gets it.. He will take the cake with the cherry on top.. Just saying..

    5. El Manny Carrilo was turned in by Tukan and Seco their is an audio where El Senor del Sombrero and Rodolfo Sierra Santana are discussing with a Jalisco switching sides and placing El Seco, Tukan and Many so he could ambush and kill them. That guy decides to do just that and ends in Teplatepec where El Abuelo turns him over to the Military.

      Arturo Beltran Leyva and the Beltran Leyva brothers are nothing but traitors they ended up getting served with the same dish. They set up the Don of Michocan Don Felix El Centenario Cornejo Sosa boss of Carlos Rosales the guy who did the sit downs with all the Colombians like Pablo Escobar who traveled to Aguillila just to sit down with him later on with The Cali Cartel. Felix was the guy who got the Gulf Cartel to start moving Cocaine the real Felix. Felix Gallardo wouldn't have been half way into Gulf Cartel Territory before he was killed.

      The Colombians and the Gulf Cartel never liked the Snitchaloas so they had to have a middle man that did all the dealings with them that man was Felix Cornejo Sosa.

      If Arturo Beltran Leyva wouldn't have turned traitor the first war where the Valencias killed any remnants of the people that worked with Felix would have never happened. The second war where Carlos Rosales came back to Michocan and killed and expelled the Valencia's. The third war where The Familia Michocana expelled the Zetas wouldn't have happened. The 4th war where La Tuta and Nazario decdied to betray El Chango Mendez. Or the 5th war where La Tuta betrayed Nazario would have never happened. Believe it or not Miachocan is on to the 6th or 7th war if you count the war between CJNG and the Templarios that raged on from 2011 to 2013.

    6. This is a pretty relevant story yet the numbers of views are low, for whatever reason Michoacan narco news doesn't generate interest unless it is a showy balacera. I have no clue why.

      We cover all of Mexico which is important, rather than as most bloggers concentrating on one state or region, but honestly sometimes I think I waste my time with Michoacan because few read the posts from there. :(

    7. Well most people on BB are cds GROUPIES 😆 what would you expect?.. I'm surprised there is no HATEFUL comments on michoacanos right now..
      On T.V and radio all you here is SINALOA cartel and capos so they come in this blog EXPECTING just that.. I appreciate all stories from BB

    8. There are plenty hateful comments of michoacana but I don't allow them in.

      I absolutely hate the way some approach narco news like a sporting event, you are correct. and no state is the target of racism more than Michoacan. It is disgusting. The comments that do not make it on to mainboard are vile, hateful, ignorant from brainless, lowlifes trying to heighten their self worth by attempting to bring down others. Especially indigenous peoples. again IGNORANT. Obviously oblivious to our history.

      I wish those pendejos would take a hike and lose their way back

    9. We, I , appreciate you
      Thank You! Your not wasting your time. Your smart and very fair. You should be held in very high esteam by all Medias
      Your needed And again we enjoy your hard hard work.
      Sincerely All your readers !

      Your simply the BEST !

    10. I dont think its a waste of your time @chivis, I am out here and it is always good to know what situation the state is in. Especially because a lot of locals dont even know what is going on and it sucks because you dont know who to trust anymore. @421, I appreciate the back story man! All I knew at that point in time was that every one could make money and trust a fellow Michoacano. Now, it feels like when the Zetas came in, you cant trust anybody again and it sucks.

    11. thank you. I just wondered why the majority of people are not interested in Michoacan unless it involves great violence. I will continue posting about all of Mexico. Michoacan=A great people, many years of struggling with a population of about 30% indigenous. Criminality is easily conducted in states with high indigenous populations, racism spills over into the federal and state government who do little for the people. Schools, job opportunity, security...NADA. which is why the constitution allows for self government, and 13 states have genuine organized autodefensas,for more than 100 years.

      But I can see by some of the remarks sent in, that racism is alive, unabated, unchecked and accepted towards indigenous or dark skin of peoples mostly in southern states.


    12. Idk what you people are on, most hating ass comments start or finish with "snitchaloa" "cds nutthugger" blah blah blah. first grade insults. most of the time they are on some cjng post. being from sinaloa, yet i dont support none of these rats. these lacras no me dan para tragar. but the hating on sinaloa is real

    13. I read everything here in hope of better understanding the unexplained...

    14. Most people don’t care about Michoacán and Guerrero news because they don’t know much about it like other stares. They don’t know what groups or leaders operate since there’s a lot of smaller groups and towns no one has heard of. Tierra caliente and Guerrero interests me most but their is hardly any news about it, like what happened to el tequilero? Are los rojos still a thing? And that groups fight in Acapulco? You get me

    15. 4:14 fool Chivis practically sees all the comments sent in and she's telling you your paisanos and lambehuevos are pussies because they can't hang like nutsacks, panochas no cuelgan buey..solo los huevos de toro culebra. Talking all that shit about gente del Sur, your own people(old school Sinaloas) know whats up and won't work with those rats and especially the KingRat™ and his posse. Chivis por favor post this comment, I only talk masa when I know these CDS "idols" debrief to USA prosecutors with these uncommonly lenient plea deals and act all hard.

    16. oh boy....against my better judgement.

  2. it emerged that "El Manny Carrillo" was raised by LNFM hitmen....?

  3. Manny Carillo is a Caballeros Templario along with el Seco and El Tucan. They are the remaining Templarios.

  4. come on thief. you are pathetic writing in about yourself and your so call reporting. you are a fraud and I knew you well before you connected with the racist U.S. rag. you and your scoops, you mean the info you steal from regional bloggers and never give source credit. and the rag you associate with, read the comments nothing but racists bubbas hating on mexicans. I will never sell out any race for monetary gain.

    I work without pay and for 10 years. I am successful in business which allows me to devote time to causes I believe in. You are scum. shame on you. BB is much more valuable to those that study the war (an article is coming about that) than your pitiful contributions. You would sell your mother for 10 pesos. You have proven that. Your continual sending in of comments about how great you are shows how much you wish you had the global audience and respect we do.
    You say this post is days late? it doesn't matter if posts are a bit late for most readers it will be new. But again you lie, he was captured at 3PM on the 12th this 1 day later. It is hilarious when you send in multiple comments how great you are because we know when comments are sent by the same commentor.

    Poor pitiful pendejo art thou

  5. I almost always read all the stories Chivis, and appreciate all your guys efforts very much! I'd be willing to bet i've read 70% of all the stories since i first discovered BB back in 2010. Been kinda hard this year cause i've spent 5 of the past 6 months in treatment with no access to the internet. Regardless, it doesn't matter if it's Michoacan, Sinaloa, Tamps, etc. I always find useful information. As an American, i've always found it quite strange how much "state pride" Mexicans(or at least people on this site) have. Just not something im accustomed to seeing here in the states.

    Anyway, thanks for everything you do Chivis, Yaqui, Buggs, and the rest of the BB contributors.


  6. cuando estan arremangando duro las 4 letras si se quedan callados los perros lambones.


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