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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

88 Dead from drinking "bad" alcohol in Jalisco, Yucatan, Morelos and Puebla.

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Eje Central

 Pointing to "Dry Law" enacted during Covid19 crisis

There are 88 people killed by ingesting adulterated alcohol in Jalisco, Yucatan, Morelos and Puebla.

In Jalisco, 35 people died in the municipalities of Mazamitla and Tamazula from ingesting methanol.

Furthermore, the consumption of a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol and water, killed seven people in the municipalities of Petectunich and Acanceh in Yucatan.

In Morelos, yesterday 14 deaths were confirmed in the municipalities of Axochiapan and Jonacatepec due to the consumption of adulterated alcohol.

Recently, the authorities of the municipality of Chiconcuautla, Puebla, notified the death of 32 people for consuming adulterated "refino" (agave distillate), presumably from Zacatlán.

Of the total deaths in Puebla, 17 died after attending a wake last Sunday, May 10, in the community of Macuilacatla

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the beer industry stopped operations since March 31, while in other entities a dry law was enacted, both factors have triggered the commercialization of adulterated alcohol. NR
On the left whose extinction was thought to occur--
on the right the ones which became extinct


Mexico is dealing with a beer shortage.

Deemed a “non-essential” beer production was halted in Mexico more than a month ago, creating a “dry” nation.

This has reportedly resulted in a severe shortage of beer which charges twice the normal price or greater.

Karla Siquieiros, president of Cerverceros de Mexico, told a local newspaper that the company is not producing a single beer, however some companies are still producing beer for exporting, the maker of Corona, has continued production during the pandemic.

On Twitter, the hashtag #LaÚltimaChela has trended in Mexico, which means “The Last Beer”, jokes, memes and images have been posted with the hastag.


  1. Looks like DTO's are trying to profit any way they can -

  2. R.i.p to all these people... one of them could've been your future suegra

  3. Oh man.......I have been awaiting this day. How sad.

  4. What the hell seems Mexico is getting hit from all sides...
    Bad alcohol
    Corona Virus
    Cartel violence

  5. I hear they are making sanitizer with wierd ingredients, good luck the hands don't fall off.

  6. in commemorating their dead, drinking the hooch, they too fall dead. pathetic.

  7. Why do they think banning alcohol will help anything?

  8. Ya know This is a hint for all the innocent people of Mexico that is afraid of cartel gangs If ya cant get guns to fight back "Do this !

    I can think of 50 ways to rid Mexico of Drug killing Gangs and Cartels.. that dosent involve guns or blood. but hey i am a fighter and never let a bad guy win over my safty or my families.. or my Freedoms

  9. This has been happening in Cancun for years.

    Tourists have been poisoned by adulterated alcohol with little acknowledgement from the corrupt resorts, authorities and their media sycophants, there’s been several horror stories and investigations conducted by American and European news organization into this.

  10. Fucking pirata beer! I remember going to a wedding in df once and they were serving fake heineken Beer


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