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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Michoacan: Director of Public Security of Cotija arrested for beating and raping a police officer

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   Cuarto Poder Michoacan

Morelia, Mich.- Cotija, Michoacán.- With an arrest warrant, the director of public security for Cotija, Arturo M., was arrested for his possible relationship in the crime of rape and torture of a female police officer.

In relation to this fact, it was established that, on March 5, the aggrieved, active element of the corporation, went to the command, at which time she was subdued by other police officers, and the director of public security beat her with a board and asked about a missing rifle.

Similarly, the accused allegedly took advantage of the situation to sexually assault the public servant and compel her to point out another colleague as responsible for the robbery of the rifle, and was also threatened with being handed over to members of a criminal cell if she recounted what had happened.

The facts were reported to the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Crimes of Family and Gender Violence, which undertook the respective acts of investigation and collected evidence of the possible participation of the accused in the crimes, for which the Public Ministry requested before a Control Judge arrest warrant, which was completed this morning.

Arturo M., was admitted to the Penitentiary Center of Zamora and in the next few hours he will be presented before the Control Judge, who will resolve his legal situation.


  1. MEN ! wtf w the raping.

  2. ahhhh. mexico....

  3. Put his full name in the article...for goodness' sake. You just describe his crimes as "alleged". Is BB afraid of being sued or worse...?

  4. Customs officers were also raped in Newark Airport...not only in Mexico...

    1. @123
      Sadly,women are sexually asaulted in every country on this planet you fuckin idiot.Every country.Would you agree Mexico does not have the greatest track record with womem,to say the least?Who cares what you say,your post says all we need to know about you.
      Draconian measures for rapists,women should not have to worry about shit like this?Imagine us dudes having to worry about being sexually assaulted or raped?
      Puts it in perspective?

  5. For that poor woman and her family the worst is yet to come :-(

  6. @ 1:23-

    umm yeah, you are talking about the rape table incident in Newark. That actually panned out to be a "jumping in" of new officers. No rape actually took place. Bad comparison to say the least.....

    1. 423
      He was using the tired old USA is just as bad as Mexico argument.Your typical Mexican hater of the US,probably living in the US by the way?


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