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Friday, April 10, 2020

Mich Former A.D: Cemeí Verdía's mother says "El Toro" and authorities, abducted her and destroyed her house

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS    Source

Cemeí former coastal autodefensas leader says: "If the government can’t provide security, it has been proven the people can…."
El Toro
After being deprived of her freedom for two weeks, the mother of the former leader of the self-defense groups in Aquila, Cemeí Verdía, recounted her kidnapping and the destruction of her property, for which she had they have to abandon their community in Santa María Ostula, blaming Germán Ramírez Sánchez, alias “El Toro” director of Seguridad Pública in Aquila, and authorities of that municipality, responsible for these events.

Visibly moved, Martha Rita Zepeda Avalos appeared at the Noventa Grados TV studios, where she was interviewed by the director of this News Agency, José Maldonado Sotelo, to relate what happened on Saturday, March 7, when she was abducted.

The woman explained that that day she was at her home in the community of Santa María Ostula, and around 17:00 a patrol arrived, and after making sure that she was there, they withdrew from the site.

Subsequently, the authorities -of which omitted to give more details since the investigations of the State Prosecutor's Office are still “ongoing”- returned to her house in the company of Germán Ramírez Sánchez, alias “El Toro”, indicated as a criminal leader in the region.
Martha Rita Zepeda Avalos
At that time, El Toro and his companions broke into his home, looking for Cemeí Verdía - they thought he was there - and deprived the woman of liberty, who was subjected to mistreatment to force her to reveal her son's whereabouts, but she didn't know the whereabouts of her son.

15 days later, the woman was released, learning that her home, where she had a small restaurant - the only one in Santa María Ostula - and a grocery store, was looted and destroyed.
“They left me on the vile street. They ended it all,” the woman told Noventa Grados TV cameras.

The woman noted that she only engages in hard work, which causes envy in those who carry money in their pockets after snatching it from others.

She also said that she helped those who needed it and come searching for food, sometimes  on credit.

“Many people feel my absence, they miss the restaurant; many people are suffering because there is nowhere to eat in Ostula.”

Cemeí Verdía Zepeda

Aquila, Mich., On April 9, 2020.- The former leader of the self-defense groups in the state of Michoacán, Cemeí Verdía Zepeda,(above with Doc Mireles) regretted that the authorities are “stupid” about guaranteeing the safety of the population, especially in the Costa de Michoacán region, and warned that if the Government cannot cope with the task, the people have demonstrated - with the self-defense movement - that they can, so they asked that they not later be judged for doing what the authorities would not do.

In an interview for Noventa Grados TV, Cemeí Verdía, who went to the studios of this News Agency after the release of his mother – abducted for 15 days,  for which Germán Ramírez Sánchez “El Toro” is accused and municipal authorities- said it is a miracle that her mother has returned.

"It hurts me that the authorities become tarugas, they have all the elements they need to be able to capture any criminals, especially those from the coast."

After the recent acts of violence in the Sierra - Costa, attributed to Germán Ramírez "El Toro", Héctor Zepeda Navarrete "El Teto" and Gustavo Cuevas Arredondo, alias "El Marino", identified as responsible for kidnappings, disappearances and murders , and that they reached a high point with the kidnapping of his mother.
"Today is the last time that I am going to say it, I am not going to say it again, (but) if the Government does not act in a matter of days and months" do not say later, if they will not restore security…we will.”

"I'm sick of it, my mom's house is badly damaged, they also destroyed my house, which I built with a lot of effort."

He said that at the time, "Silvano (Aureoles Conejo, governor of Michoacán) told me personally that they (the state government) were going to take care of the security issue, because it did not correspond to us," he said, referring to the group of inhabitants who rose up in arms with the self-defense movement.

He said that since the civilians in the region demobilized, and with the change in municipal administration, "the collection of  piso, kidnappings, murders came back."

He noted that in his community, Santa María Ostula, there are more than 25 people murdered in the new municipal administration, headed by Mohammed Ramírez Méndez, from the Green Ecologist Party.

Cemeí Verdía asked several questions:
"How many more do they have to die? How many more do they have to kidnap? How many more do they have to pay a fee?" "We (the self-defense groups) put an end to that, and it is sad and regrettable that a government ignores the (insecurity)"


  1. This is a prime example of how the government/police are deeply imbedded with the local cartel, autodefensa leader was sound a good job, just because he fought back to the criminals, the criminals want him dead by the police. What a life, no wonder Mireles stays low profile.

  2. Follow that river to the ocean for the cobblestone point break named La Ticla, a Trestles on steroids. Anyone know if Amalia still runs her restaurant at the beach? Back in the 80s, the place was rudimentary, but with the word getting out about good surf,came the crowds and more attention to the area with people building up the place. Kinda lost its magic for me. Some decent weed and cheap. More than you could smoke for the time you were there. Oh and on the weekends-the Guadalahotties were a sight for sore eyes.

    1. @ 6:55. Lol, all true. La Ticla was magical. Heavy hold downs. Sad watching Mex squander its paradise for greed and corruption.

    2. I heard Amalia is not there but Elano still is.

    3. 8:p6 Mexico squanders nothing,
      this is all about loses due to politicians and their favorite cartels ot cartulinas and their chapulines.
      The Auto-defensas were disbanded by state and federal governments bent on kicking enemies out of power irregardless of the consequences after they themselves were criminals in prior lives.

  3. Chivis, this is not the same "El Toro" that Dr. Mireles described as kidnapping and impregnating 11 and 12 year old girls during CT reign of terror, is it? I know he mentioned that El Toro was down along the coast.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I began looking thru my emails...but only got to 2015. I wanted the name. I will try later....

      One thing I cam across that I had forgotten. It was told in confidence years ago after the death of chayo. Gallito kidnapped his first cousin chayo and gave him up, same with kike. Both killed. for power and money.....

    2. Chivis wasn't Kike located when a person of his inner circle was captured in Michoacán by SEMAR, "voluntarily" revealed his whereabouts in Querétaro and after being killed when his phone was checked a number for the acting governor of Michoacán was found. IDK about Gallito betraying Chayo and Kike, CT lost practically all the plazas they controlled. His gain still hasn't materialized.

    3. The person asked that i keep the info in confidence. he was a leader and his info was gold. gallito is still the leader but the org is not as before obviousl, y they broke it into cells early after tuta's arrest


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