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Friday, April 10, 2020

CJNG Boss Transferred Within Uruguay Prison System in Preparation for US Extradition

"MX" for Borderland Beat
Gerardo González Valencia
CJNG leader Gerardo González Valencia, who is imprisoned in Uruguay since 2016, was transferred from maximum-security facility Unidad N°1 (Punta de Rieles) and to Unidad N°3 (Penal de Libertad) by orders of Uruguay's Ministry of Interior. Though officials did not provide many details regarding the transfer, they stated that it was a "penitentiary policy" and that they did this to prepare for his U.S. extradition.

González Valencia has been in prison in Uruguay since 2016 for money laundering, but his extradition to the U.S. was confirmed last month. Unlike other inmates, Gonzalez Valencia is secluded and has extra surveillance in place. The Mexican drug lord complained that his treatment was inhumane, but Uruguayan authorities stated that his prison conditions were justified given his high-profile status.

Gerardo González Valencia is the brother of Mexican drug lord Abigael González Valencia ("El Cuini"), who headed the CJNG and Los Cuinis. This criminal group has presence in Mexico, the U.S., Europe and Asia. He is part of a large clan within the CJNG. González Valencia was allegedly responsible for coordinating international money laundering schemes by using shell companies to purchase assets in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

His wife Wendy Dalaithy Amaral Arévalo was reportedly working with him on this large money laundering scheme when the couple moved from Mexico to Uruguay in 2011. He had millionaire properties and businesses in Punta del Este and Montevideo.

The original documents of the investigation framing González Valencia were leaked in 2015 through the Panama Papers, where it detailed real estate transactions and industrial sector investments tied to him. After a multi-year investigation by Latin American officials and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, González Valencia was arrested in Montevideo, Uruguay, in April 2016, and imprisoned for money laundering charges.

Extradition agreement
As reported by Borderland Beat last month, Uruguayan officials confirmed the extradition of Gonzalez Valencia to the U.S. after multiple appeals from his defense team. However, the Uruguayan government told U.S. authorities that part of the agreement was that Gonzalez Valencia should not face death penalty or life imprisonment in the U.S. if he is convicted.

Note: This post included excerpts from the Wikipedia page of Gerardo González Valencia, which was published by "MX" in March 2017. It includes over 90 sources in both Spanish and English.


  1. Excellent 👍 going to a US prison. I am tired of hearing all these criminals saying they want out, they fear the deathly viper Corona virus.
    Do the crime pay the time.

  2. Do the crime,do the time,if that was the case half the departments of both LAPD and NYPD would be in prison,so would many people in Wall Street,US politicians even presidents would be locked up right now.

    1. Lol compare stuff to USA, don't forget Mexico is the capitol for curruption and murders.

    2. Sounds like you're defending this guy or upset because he's being extradited.

    3. American government isn't so squeaky clean. Don't be naive about how government works.
      The founding fathers of this country would turn over in their graves to what government has transformed into.

      Difference here is that corruption is legitimized.


    4. Reporter Gary Webb died reporting that in addition to waging a proxy war for the U.S. government against Nicaragua’s revolutionary Sandinista government in the 1980s, elements of the CIA-backed Contra rebels were also involved in trafficking cocaine to the U.S. in order to fund their counter-revolutionary campaign. The secret flow of drugs and money, Webb reported, had a direct link to the subsequent explosion of crack cocaine abuse that had devastated California’s most vulnerable African American neighborhoods.

  3. Interesting to see the severity or a lienenci with sentencing. Individuals with money often receive a stiff fine (which are able to pay) for a slap on the wrist. US judicial system IMO are bankrolled by these catches.
    Let's hope not the case here.

  4. Aaaaaaand he’s going to escape :)

  5. The dude thats snitching on the "Cuinis" is "Lobo" from the once milenial cartel

    1. 11:33 AM They thought they were untouchable being a Narco isn't about making money and living it up you just got involved in a war that will take your life the way you lose your life depends on what you decide to do. Pablo Escobar lead by example.

  6. Man, Cuinis are going down. I have a feeling all of the CJNG cheerleaders are going to be eating their "Cartel De Snitches" taunts once Menchito and Menchita start dropping dimes to reduce their sentences....

  7. Re the US federal prisoner transport system, a heavyweight like this guy will probably rate his own private Learjet-type aircraft. Every major and medium-sized US airport has a special area for exclusive use by federal law enforcement. The aircraft are confiscated drug assets ranging in size up to 737's.
    Armed US Marshals ring the plane of a transport flight. The convicts board shackled down, of course. On a 737, a good ten or more US Marshals hang out and shoot the breeze with each other. They are very professional and have a "don't start no shit and there won't be any shit" attitude towards their charges.
    A typical trip would be flying out of New Orleans, then to Miami then on to Atlanta then to El Reno Oklahoma, picking up convicts along the way. All in the same day. The flights are called Federal Express. The US Marshals on this leg are all white and look straight-up hillbilly. Some have dingy teeth.
    The land transport are modified schoolbus-type vehicles. Chase cars front and back. Two cages in the bus, front and aft. Each staffed with one armed officer plus a driver in the front cage. They have nice stubby pump shotguns. Every now and then the convoy would stop and the agents in the chase cars will swap places with the bus guards.
    The federal joint in El Reno, Oklahoma has a strange dungeon-like vibe. People of different races are never housed together.

  8. This guy will never live to see the transfer.

  9. He will get a slap on the wrist and business as usual after he tells about his business and takes a few zeros out of his bank accounts...
    Unless he REFUSES to COOPERATE of course
    All about the 💰

  10. Since they cant give him life imprisonment, what do they do give him something like 50 years? Like a high number that essentially is a life sentence with out them outright saying life? Or will they really give him a sentence where he has a chance of gettin free and being able to enjoy what is left of his life?

  11. He's complaining of inhumane treatment??? How about how they treat their Rivals?? What goes around comes around Mr want to be bad guys??

  12. This is a money guy the US wants badly, they can trace and retrieve lots of info leading to more big cats. Always follow the money..


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