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Monday, April 27, 2020

Human Rights Commission Delegate Killed With His Son in Drive-by Shooting in Guerrero

"Parro" for Borderland Beat; TY to "Chava"
Eliseo Jesús Memije Martinez
The delegate of the Human Rights Commission in the state of Guerrero's Costa Grande region, Eliseo Jesús Memije Martinez (aged 52), was shot to death with his son Uriel Memije Ávila (aged 20) on Friday night.

The incident occurred as they drove their 2010 Ford Escape truck through the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo federal highway, at the entrance to the Yetla community (Coyuca de Benítez municipality), from where they originated. 

According to a report from the Ministry of Public Security, the subjects shot them multiple times, instantly killing Eliseo Jesús. The report indicates that Eliseo Jesús's corpse was picked up by his relatives and taken to his home, on Calle Benito Juárez, in Yetla.

His son was seriously injured and was transferred to the community hospital in Coyuca de Benítez, where he died at 19:45 on Friday. The young man had three bullet wounds, one in the face, another in the back of the right hand and the third in the left thigh.

The first versions indicate that they were intercepted by a group of men who were traveling in a white Nissan Tsuru with the legend "Lázaro Cárdenas" and license plates from the state of Michoacán.

Eliseo Jesús was a veteran human rights commission employee and had over 25 years of experience. A year ago, he worked out of the Acapulco office and was later promoted to supervise the entire Costa Grande Region. He was based out of the office in Tecpan de Galeana municipality.

The Mexican Federation of Public Human Rights Organizations (FMOPHD) condemned the double murder and warned the Mexican government that it is their responsibility to safeguard the integrity and life of those who defend human rights. They said that such an attack was an assault on democratic life in the country.

Through a communique, the FMOPHD said that authorities should "urgently" investigate the case and bring those responsible to justice. They admitted that protecting human rights in Guerrero is a dangerous profession and that it is important to protect those who work in this field.

The human rights commission head Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno condemned the attacks and explained the day-to-day risks that activists face in Mexico. "We leave home every day without any weapon but the law. Our only objective is to help restore societal peace, justice and dignity to those who had these values taken away from them", he said. He closed his statement by saying that the commission would not allow to crime to do unpunished.

Note: Borderland Beat forum contributors "Parro" and "Chava" contribute in an active forum thread named "Guerrero 2020", where they provide updates on cartel activity in the state.


  1. Citizens are easy targets, as they don't carry weapons for protection.
    Furthermore, the criminals get away with murder, bet you it was CJNG, the baby killer cartel.

    1. They would still be dead even if they carried guns.

  2. Amlo says Hug. It must work for him he is alive

  3. Human rights guy r wasting their time, the Amlo control the Cartels

  4. Worthless ass Mexican govt. I remember when Mexico was a beautiful place to visit and all you had to worry about was the "Federales" taxing you $20 for driving drunk. Now it's just a shithole. May as well be Africa or Haiti. Paradise you don't bother to visit.

    1. Now its $200 last time they stop me driving Drunk, Mexico no bargain anymore

  5. Rest in peace If this man was a good honest person worked 25 yrs for the people It makes me sad
    No one gonna want to take this Job
    too dangerous to be on the good side

  6. Holy macanoni!!!!! Drive by in Mexico


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