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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Suspect in killing of Osiel Cardenas attorney is extradited in the never ending saga of betrayal

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Source Borderland Beat Archives and Dallas News
Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa
The brother of a Mexican drug cartel leader who allegedly ordered a 2013 murder on the Southlake Town Square has been extradited from Mexico and appeared in federal court in Fort Worth on Monday.
Ramon Villareal Hernandez, the reputed financial head of the Beltran Leyva cartel, was arrested in Mexico in May 2018. Villareal also is known as “El Mon” and “Gabino.”

Ramon and his brother are suspected of ordering the murder of Mexican attorney Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa in Southlake, Texas.  Guerro Chapa was the attorney of the Gulf Cartel capo, Osiel Cardenas Guillen,

Guerrero Chapa worked with both the cartel and the U.S. authorities.

After the U.S. took custody of Cárdenas in 2007, Guerrero Chapa became an informant, feeding U.S. agents critical cartel intelligence.

Because of his access, he was able to help coordinate arrests and forfeitures. He oversaw $50 million forfeiture as part of Osiel's  2009 plea deal with the U.S. government, personally transporting money to U.S. agents in the trunk of a car.

The Zetas —who greatly respected Osiel,  but who by then were on their own having split from CDG,  had grown into a full-fledged cartel — thought the millions they contributed for the forfeiture would help Cárdenas get out of jail or buy him leniency.

When they learned that Cárdenas was cooperating with the U.S., they felt betrayed by the Gulf cartel and Guerrero Chapa in particular.

They declared war, and thousands were killed along the Mexican border in the ensuing gunbattles between the two groups. Many innocents were victims of “collateral damage.”

Cárdenas is serving a 25-year sentence in a federal prison in Colorado for drug trafficking, money laundering and threatening U.S. agents.

According to a heavily-redacted indictment unsealed Monday, Villareal is charged with interstate stalking and conspiracy to commit murder for hire.


  1. So the U.S government knew the lawyer was crooked and earned money from drugs that killed thousands of Americans, yet allowed him to live a luxurious life as long as the U.S federal agents got busts to make their career grow and look prestigious?...sounds about right....reminds me of narcos mexico season 2 at the end....fake drug wars and i feel the death of kiki cameraman is used as an excuse to be in Mexico feeding the drug wars down there..they never cared for him if they did, they should of pulled him out when it started to get heated..
    RIP kiki Camarena you were just a pawn and scape goat for uncle Sam.

  2. Nunca jsaques la pistola sin motivo ni la guardes sin honor...
    Osiel failed to himself, but that may save his ass and save him for Almoloya when he finishes his sentence on the US in a week or two

    1. I don't personally think Osiel will be back to Mexico after his sentence in the U.S. Part of the agreement he made with U.S. authorities is sealed, but I wouldn't be surprised if he asked to be allowed to stay after his sentence is over. The guy is a dead man in Mexico.

  3. "Transporting money in trunks of cars to us agents "


  4. US government is as shady as they come

  5. And Americans of course will be compliant like the Chinese when they are refused hospital treatment or food! Here's a carrot and weiner and go home and die!
    A prison riot reportedly broke out Sunday afternoon at an Italian prison in the city of Modena that has left six dead, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna.

    The riot, which started at around 2 pm local time, started when about 60 inmates decided to set the prison on fire in an attempted mass escape reportedly inspired by the coronavirus quarantine crackdown. Inmates were reportedly told that family members wouldn't be allowed to visit during the quarantine (remember what happened in those Chinese prisons?). This left dozens furious and, in an overcrowded prison, that type of rage can spread quickly.

  6. You could hope the federales gave a receipt.
    If they didn't and they did not report the money and delivered it to the proper authorities, then the federales can claim it is all bs from the cartels.
    --Let's remember Osiel was not the one who threatened the american agents that went there looking for trouble, he saved their lives...but the point was taking Osito down for killing one too many friends, he could have been a US agent working undercover.


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