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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Reynosa Tamps: Executed while his son was in his arms

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   VXT TY GUS

This  morning,  a man carrying his son was executed while he was at a gas station located at the entrance to the Puerta del Sol neighborhood, about 500 meters from the Monterrey - Matamoros settlement.

According to the first versions, the now deceased was traveling in a blue Lexus vehicle, and was accompanied by his wife and baby. When he got out of the vehicle and carrying the child, he walked to where he was going to meet two individuals who were waiting for him in a SUV, he was gunned down by the men.

Possibly because of the father carrying the infant, the attack was focused to the head, leaving him dead instantly.  The baby was not injured.

Civil protection paramedics arrived at the place who valued the woman who had a nervous breakdown, as well as the child.

Then there were elements from the Federal and State Police, who cordoned off the area, as well as personnel from the State Attorney General's Office.


  1. Gracias a dios! It wasn't the baby killer cartel (cjng) that did the hit, they would have killed the baby as well!

  2. Yea Baby lucky
    But Daddy thought taking lucky baby was gonna sheild him Lucky Baby didnt
    Never Ever Ever Use your child as a sheild I say unlucky daddy was a freaking coward to even think of putting his child at harms way
    Mother not much better letting him take lucky baby to be used as a sheild

    1. My first thoughts were in line with yours. I wonder what the whole story in this case is.

    2. Are you getting high with your own supply amigo? The article says the dude went out from his car with baby in arms. He didn't use his kid as shield wtf.

    3. Spot on dude,the guy carried the baby cause he knew something might go off

    4. @12:48 he knew his time was up and was hoping because he had his child in arms would save him from his fate. Read the article bro. He knew these guys he was meeting with. No one said he used the child as a shield. Just used the baby for hope these guys wouldn't whack him. They did any way but left the child unharmed. That's old school Mafia m.o. avoid innocent blood being spilled as much as possible.

  3. If this were tweeker ass cjng hitmen the whole family dies.

    1. Yes these were good god fearing hitmen

    2. Yes these were good god fearing hitmen they gave the baby a paleta when they were done. like at the dentist

  4. Who the hell drives Lexus in mexico?
    Not honest working peepol, I swear...

  5. Evaluar doesn’t really means “Value”. It means they are checking up on her making sure she’s ok.

  6. Thats not a Lexus

  7. 12:48

    Yea I always take my baby out of the safty of a car with its mother
    To confront bad men that want to talk
    To me Yea right
    He knew what was up He was thinking
    Baby would protect him
    They got him anyway ...
    Yes a Shield what a Yellow belly coward snake piece of shit this numb nut father was
    Rip idiot
    What could go wrong when taking babies to talk to gangesters with guns?

  8. Believe it or not But about 10 years ago during a balacera chase in Reynosa (close to Christmas)a stray bullet killed a baby in her mother's arms riding in a pasera. The young father interviewed for TV was one of the saddest humans I ever saw saying in a low voice it wasnt her fault.


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