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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Torreón School Gunman’s Grandparents Investigated for Financial Irregularities

Video translation is as follows:
Newscaster: This is José Ángel Ramos and Jasmin Natali Betts.. The parents of the child who murdered his teacher and shot at his peers inside the Colegio Cervantes in Torreón, Coahuila.

Today the authorities said that the history of both could be the key for the shooting on Friday. The father with a past criminal record and the mother allegedly beheaded.

Male Interviewee: Many times it’s inclusive if we also see the way in which the child's mother died. It looks like she was beheaded. The father seems to have also been imprisoned in the United States because of drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, these kinds of actions, many parents don’t realize that with their actions they are damaging, not just the disintegration of their home, they are also damaging a child’s life and future.

Female Reporter: Was the mother assassinated?

Male Interviewee: Looks like she was beheaded.

Newscaster: However, the case has fallen more on the student's grandparents. There is an investigation against José Ángel Saucedo and Rebecca Jiménez for irregular movements in their bank accounts.

The head of the financial intelligence unit Santiago Nieto reported that the accounts would be frozen. In them there were more than 100 million pesos. He also found that they bought 6 luxury vehicles in less than 2 years. And millionaire transfers like this to the United States.

Male Interviewee # 2: We found luxuries of resources that don’t correspond to a usual way for Mrs. Rebeca Jiménez and Mr. José Ángel Ramos, as well as the father and son. And this has generated the corresponding research. We will present the results to the state prosecutor's office as well as the general prosecutor of the Republic.

Newscaster: The Angel Ramos family appeared repeatedly in the local social media pages of Torreón. There they announced their children's weddings, their birthday celebrations and even bachelorette parties.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: The head of financial intelligence says we found resources that don’t correspond to the usual form. That one word stands out, statements like that are made and it only happens right before the media arrives.

Statements concerning banking as they are known. But here the question is: An account of 100 million pesos, a lifetime, a few days, a few weeks? Anyways. Such are the statements today on this case.

And this morning a judge issued preventive prison for the grandfather. The one we came across a few moments ago. The child's grandfather. Mr. José Ángel Ramos Saucedo is implicated for the murder of teacher Maria Assaff by omission.

For having ignored the safekeeping of the weapons he had in his house. And 2 of those weapons were taken by his grandson. On Sunday the second hearing will be held for him where his legal situation will be defined.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Guessing the firearms were illegal as getting a permit to own a handgun is nearly impossible in Mexico. I believe there is only one store in the whole country that sells them, and it is located on a military base in Mexico City.

  2. Poor kid. His mother was beheaded? Well that did it. His shooting was on my news feed. AMLO needs to open his darn eyes. See what his policies do to youths.
    El Smarto

    1. 10:42 this kid is 13 years old,
      AMLO has been in power only one year...
      Tarás mas pendejo vali!

  3. Beheading, money laundering and trafficking?
    Answers the question of why this kid did what he did. Criminal activities from parents is what he saw.

  4. When they investigate further, they will discover he was a high ranking cartel member. Such a young guy to be a grampa.
    Luna Apagtha

  5. They are saying that this gunmans mother was decapitated two years ago and his father had done a stint in U.S. jail for druck trafficking a while back also.
    This poor kid through no fault of his own lived a very rough life.
    Unlike school shooters in the U.S. who cry because their fucking parents take away their Playstation and get bullied a bit for being stupid. They take medication for depression because of this and they still shoot up a school of innocents???

    1. La pura verdad @8:03. Now prepare for all the....talkers to say you're being......

  6. sounds like another BS story by televisa
    who benefits

  7. Somebody gots to supply the fiends know what I mean!

  8. You reap what you sow.

  9. what fiends? you are just greedy always after their money.

  10. Amen. It's just unfortunate that others had to pay the price for this family's deviance.

  11. 12:12 the US is infested with mass murderers...
    some are handsomely paid private contractors, the director of the CIA ate the evidence of their torturing innocents until they died in Iraq and Afghanistan because she cares about her agency's reputation more than about its ethics and other BS.


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