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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rio Bravo Tamaulipas: Blockade and shooting leaves a 1 dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS Radio Formula

On Wednesday, two road blockades were registered in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas , and it was reported that 1 who belonged to a criminal group, lost his life.

Based on local media information, the events began at 09:30 hours and the shooting lasted approximately 15 minutes.

Alleged criminals and state and federal police elements participated.  In addition, an suv was seized,  which inside the vehicle  were clips and “ponchallantas” [metal spikes thrown onto street to puncture tires].

According to reports on social networks, the confrontation was recorded in the downtown area on Francisco I. Madero Avenue , and extended to the beginning of the Rio Bravo-Matamoros highway .

Due to the above, students from educational establishments such as CBTIS 73, General 1 and General 2, had to interrupt their school-day  to protect themselves.

The first aggression, according to the videos of users of social networks, began in the heart of the city and from there it was dispersed to various sectors where criminals blocked avenues and gaps, in particular access to the municipality and the road that  leads to Nuevo Progreso.

So far, the risk situation remains in the area, while the access roads are open to traffic.

Sounds of shootout below: 

Meanwhile in Cd. Madero, this was happening below:

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  1. 13:46 as long as weapons dealers can make a profit selling weapons to criminals with impunity for themselves, there will be no stopping gun crimes, in Mexico or the US


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