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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Michoacan: 5 bullet ridden Bodies discovered in an abandoned vehicle

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Balanza

Hidalgo, Mich., January 9, 2020. - The bodies of five men, who bore bullet impacts, were discovered in a SUV on the Morelia - Ciudad Hidalgo highway.

The finding was recorded early today, so motorists alerted the municipal police of two apparently abandoned vehicles.

The police went to the site on the access to Agua Blanca, in  Huajúmbaro, and found the unit with the bodies, they cordoned off the site.

The bodies were taken to the local Semefo, where they are expected to be identified.
There was also a second  Explorer-type truck that had bullet impacts, so both units were transferred to the Prosecutor's Office to carry out the corresponding investigations within the investigation folder.


  1. Kool and the killings continue non stop for the new year.

    1. What's cool about those killings?

    2. First stupid comment.

    3. 1:34 if these dead people are viagras then yes these killings are cool.

  2. Very unique rim on that SUV

  3. looks like a cdn(spanish for super low budjet) vehicle...

  4. What criminal groups are fighting for that plaza

  5. Many people like ford explorers even criminals

  6. Free la barbie he was taking out the trash until he got arrested.

  7. The dead belong to Cjng they try to come in the plaza but got snatch up real quick


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