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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Kidnapping and Execution of Ministerial Policeman Oscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Reporter: A Ministerial Policeman that had been missing since Tuesday morning was found executed in a vacant lot in Reynosa. The body's finding occurred during the early hours of Wednesday after an anonymous complaint was made to C4 in which a body was discovered in Colonia El Campanario.

The execution of the Ministerial Agent identified as Oscar René Cervantes comes after at least 4 State Police officers have been killed in Ciudad Victoria amid a wave of violence in that city.

Local media’s broadcast that it was reported that the agent went out to dinner somewhere around midnight on Monday. And that he didn’t come return. On top of his body the Ministerial Agent had a manta with a threatening message against all the Tamaulipas policemen. Of which the message was attributed to El Vaquero.

An alleged lieutenant of a cartel that operates in the neighboring municipality of Río Bravo. The authorities have not officially reported the execution. But the investigations thus led to the responsible parties for the Police Agent who allegedly had been executed for problems of crime with the bosses.

In this sense, the informative blog Epocaviolenta has for many years dedicated itself to disseminating the violence experienced in the state of Tamaulipas published the following video.

Which lays claim to the images of the moment when the alleged police officers kidnapped the Ministerial Policeman Oscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa.

In the video we can observe the movement and how he asks his wife and the neighbors to record what’s transpiring. And he constantly shouts for help. In the broadcast he knew they were going to execute him. 

Oscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: Record! Record! Record them! Transmit it live! Transmit it live! George record this!

George: Yes I will.

Óscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: They’re crushing my man parts! Don’t let them take me away!

My love! (He’s pleading with his wife).

Police Sicario: Hey, calm down, calm down.

Oscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: No! Please! My love they’re giving me something. My love! Please! Record! Transmit it live! Don’t! Please help me! Someone hear me, there doing something to me! They’re knocking the wind out of me! Help me!

George: Tell them to identify themselves.

Óscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: Help me! The police are doing this to me! I don’t have anything to do with this!

George: If they take him away they’re going to kill him. (He whispers to someone off camera).
Oscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: I have my government credentials! They’re right there on top of the hood. They took them away from me! It's right there on the hood! They’re forcing me onto this vehicle! My love, my love! Don’t! Don’t allow them to take me away! Please help me! They're going to hurt me! My love dial 3120209! 20209! They’re squeezing my man parts!

Police Sicario. Be quiet Calm down

Óscar Rene Cervantes de La Rosa: Neighbors please don’t let them take me away! They're going to hurt me! It’s not true, it’s not true!

Reporter: Evaristo Cruz aka Vaquero Señor de El Sombrero is leader of one of the factions of the Gulf Cartel who currently fights the municipalities of Matamoros and San Fernando against rival cartels according to authorities' reports.

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  1. Furia negra mata esos corruptos y ese cdg. Busque como de lugsr y a sus sicarios que se creen que son soldados

  2. He should have done more than just scream if he knew something was going to happen. If they're going to kill you, fight for your life right there and there.
    I'm still not sure on Ministeriales, here in Juarez a lot are members of La Linea so if a Ministerial gets whacked, no sweat off my back... Let them kill each other.

  3. Idk but if he is a cop im sure he has a gun or something 🤔🤔 fight back

  4. Who would be a Mexican cop????

  5. This is LeChef. Chatter has it that this is the work of Nabor or Metro 21. This particular kidnapping was unsanctioned and has led to a lot of commotion within the Metro faction. We might see more violence in the coming days.

  6. Stupid cop! Thousands of Mexican policemen killed and he doesn’t use his weapon to defend himself?

  7. Captured by Reynosa municipal police. Probably killed by them too, for something.
    Ministeriales are state police, eating out late at night and getting caught without a weapon sucks, he could be coming from reporting shit to Internal affairs or the National Guard, governor cabeza de cagadas de vacas can't trust anybody, problem governors are being investigated for their frauds to public security and state health care.

  8. "Police sicario".... Wow..

  9. No way I would be a cop in Mexico without a gun in my hand 24/7 there never taking me like that, they would have to kill me right there, because I'm shooting first.


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