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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Nine people gunned down in Parador de Villagrán, Guanajuato

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Proceso

At least nine people were killed Friday night in the restaurant of a hostel located on the Villagrán-Celaya road.

The massacre occurred at a site called “Parador San Fernando”, located at kilometer 075 + 000 of said road, on the boundaries between Villagrán and Salamanca.

Around 9 p.m., through 911, people who arrived at the site found the victims and requested the presence of police and paramedics. It is one of the most deadly massacres so far in January, with homicidal attacks practically every day in different municipalities of the state.

The first to arrive were municipal police from Villagrán, who discovered three bodies in the parking lot.

Paramedics confirmed the death of the nine people.

There are allegedly two survivors, although this information has not been confirmed by the authorities.


  1. Gosh, the more I follow this site, the more I appreciate my great nation. Thanks BB for instilling in me a new-found level of patriotism.

  2. It's getting harder to determine which crew is doing what, even with just 2 players CSRL & CJNG

  3. Sorry can't help you. Best regards, your President Amlo

  4. The police of guanajuato and the mexican armed forces detained 29 cartel de santa rosa de lima. My guess is that this is revenge. 6 cartel de jalisco nueva generacion also got detain. Those 6 sicarios kidnapped 3. Did you also heard the shootout in Leon Guanajuato that it lasted for 4 hours just like culiacan but the army, national guard and police didn't give down without a fight. Good thing amlo didn't call for cancelling the operation. Only one sicario got killed. Last week they detain 11 cjng elites. Some other news. Tamaulipas is now the 3rd safest state of Mexico. I read it on the mexican news. La furia negra no da abrasos a sus enemigos.

    1. 9:00 furia negra is a corrupt private state police, they intimidate everybody and kill the chosen ones, Tamaulipas may look peaceful, for now, but they know how shit flies these days, after some re-grouping and a few maruchans, everybody goes back to killing
      friend and foe, if for pure suspicions...

    2. Furia negra paid by the corrupted governor who is allied to the cdg metros and cjng and is basically doing state police training academy's to train cdg sicarios and convert them into state police la furia negra. Anyways those jotos still bleed and die like the pigs that they're.

  5. The President wants to give cartel hugs. Unqualified leader, Unqualified commander chief. Lawless Mexico always 10 steps behind America & World, it went from a 3rd world country to a Lawless country with no back bone to stand up to cartels because the president taking money from them.

    1. 5:08 unlike "America", the "unqualified presidente" AMLO won the presidency because 5he Mexicans voted for him, overwhelmingly, he also won without Russian help that did not buy fo4 him the electoral college either...
      On top of that l, AMLO is not seeking reelection or to perpetuate himself in power, and has signed documents stating that, in public, with a public notary that worked the case for free, AMLO has not been forced to close his charities for stealing funds from them for personal or political expenses or to buy fake Time covers with his picture on them, he does not have racist white supremacist roots or tendencies, Mexico is not at the mercy of a crazed fake billionaire megalomaniac who wants to be Hitler either...
      AMLO do3s take bribes, if a turkey qualifies, people have given him a few, i doubt he presidential pardoned any, no Quid Pro Quo or extortion involved...
      --Mexico does not owe anybody 30 trillion dollars either
      --I think you need to have your head examined, really!

  6. Replies
    1. Chicago is Disneyland compared to here.

    2. It's Mr compare things to USA lol.

  7. 5 people killed in a house in Leon GTO on Sunday, & 6-7 more at a taco stand in Celaya

  8. Rest In Peace lalo they were just normal people truckers having dinner at a truck stop they didn’t deserve this they were from a fucking dairy ranch humble people that went out to the danger of being a trucker in Mexico to support there families they leave behind sons daughters and parents there will be revenge


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