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Monday, December 16, 2019

Tlajomulco, Jalisco: 13 Bodies Identified of at least 50

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaOpinion / Debate
Guadalajara, Jalisco:  The bodies of at least 50 people were exhumed from a clandestine grave in the Mexican state of Jalisco, after 23 days of work, local authorities announced on Saturday.

The pit was located on November 22 in a farm in a town in the municipality of Tlajomulco , just outside Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, one of the states most hit by violence linked to organized crime in Mexico.

In a statement, the local prosecutor's office said that it is now up to the coroner to "establish all bodies found" and "determine the sex and cause of death of all victims."

So far, 13 bodies were identified and handed over to their relatives: 12 of them are men and another corresponds to a woman. All had complaints of disappearance before the authorities.

During the work, prosecutors and coroners used heavy machinery, dogs and technological equipment.

Before the discovery, the authorities had finished the excavations in another pit of a nearby town.

Both lands were located with the information provided by 15 people who were arrested on November 6, in a warehouse in the nearby town of Tlaquepaque, where the authorities also rescued eight people who were deprived of their liberty. ( See our Post on that incident HERE )

So far this year, the findings of clandestine graves in Jalisco have been common. On May 7, in Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara, a house with 30 buried bodies was located. On September 3, also in that suburb, another pit with 34 bodies was located.

440%  body findings have increased in Jalisco graves:
A total of 28 clandestine graves have been found this 2019 in Jalisco, of which 135 bodies have been removed, however they are currently analyzing more beds with human remains

From January to November, Jalisco authorities reported 2,465 homicides in the state. On March 1, the government deployed 1,400 soldiers to redouble the surveillance of Jalisco, headquarters of the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

According to authorities, violence in Jalisco has intensified since March 2017 after a fracture inside the cartel, which also rivals criminal groups in neighboring Guanajuato for control of fuel traffic.


  1. Trump will have Mencho's head displayed prominently on the walls of the Oval Office within the next 6 months.

    I feel as though many on this site failed to see the significance of the reports suggesting that a deal had been reached between AMLO and Trump requiring the extradition of Menchito and the HEAD of Mencho.

    Whether you like him or not I dare anyone to make a case for Trump not having a long and illustrious history of getting those things which he wants.

    If he wants Menchos head, which it seems he does, he WILL HAVE IT. And there is nothing Mencho, AMLO, or any one else has a say in.

    1. Mr Guerro you misread the title back then. It was an anology not a direct quote. What you took into context is totally off. He does not want his head, he wants him caught, because he is a bad hombre.
      El Cheso

  2. Cholos and mayos keep falling, mencho has jalisco on lock

  3. Would like to know what horse you road in on and yaked out your mc chicken ass sandwich , it's just getting started

  4. Bodies, bodies, that's all we hear in 2019. 38,000 what a shame, Amlo is not going to do anything in 2020 will it be 40,000 bodies.

  5. Mr. Obrador what you got to say about the killings? What can you do after being in office, over a year? Nada let the homicides continue.

  6. Mencho is a dead man. Good luck having the United States after you. They always find their target no matter how many years it takes


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