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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Garcia, Nuevo León: Cartel del Noreste Interrogates a Deceived Meth Dealer

The video of a crystal meth dealer allegedly from García, Nuevo León, circulates on social networks, claiming that he was deceived after being told that everything was already taken care of.

The Cartel del Noreste (CDN) interrogates him about the drug in his hands, of which he claims that it was provided to him by ministerial agents under the command of Esteban Alejandro Cantú Montes.

Video manta translation is as follows:

Esteban Alejandro Cantu Montes you fuck. This will be the fate of all the people who work for you. And if you want war then get rid of your special forces group from the Ministerial Police force. Your police force spends their time extorting and selling crystal meth whenever they’re not actually working. Sincerely, Cartel del Noreste.

Video translation is as follows:
This message is for you Esteban Cantu. You promised that nothing was going to happen to me. And now look at this mess that you have me in. You gave me these drugs last week so that I would start working. You handed it over to me here in Garcia, Nuevo León on the Calle San Patricio.

My family has already been kidnapped. And now look at what I’m going through. You assured me that everything was already arranged with everyone including organized crime. Just the same with your right hand man Raul aka El Titan. You promised me that everything was going to be ok and now look at the mess that I’m in.

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  1. CDN is responsible for stealing from anyone that crosses to mexico through Laredo

    1. Jaja pendejo happens in reynosa and matamoros too y no dices nada

  2. This shit won’t ever end
    Losing faith in humanity

  3. Meth is a hell of a drug💀

  4. Poor fuckin kid,selling a bit of gear off the police and CDN pick him up and put him in a video,its a hard life and a short one in parts of Mexico and its no one elses fault,they let it go too far,being a sicario is something akin to being a hood celebrity and theres no mercy,how do you turn this society around?

    1. By killing these criminals one by one
      The appropriate number should be in the hundreds. If tranquility were to transpire.

  5. Idiot wth is he doing coming to the us he should of took his millions to Europe

  6. He is probably just some poor soul taken off the street to act in a staged video. CDN's way of ousting the police force


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