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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tamaulipas: Photos have spread online of "El Cachetes" and "El Chilango"; Escorpiones of CDG

On social networks pictures have been exhibited of an individual who allegedly belongs to the drug trafficking group known as Los Escorpiones of the Cartel del Golfo, which operates in several municipalities in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The first was, a man identified as Raymundo "N" aka El Cachetes, who in the photographs disseminated by denunciation accounts, appears with a heavy caliber weapon and radio communication equipment.

This subject is accused of being an active hitman belonging to the Cartel of Los Escorpiones. And is said to be operating in the municipality of Valle Hermoso in Tamaulipas.

The other man named was identified as José Luis "N", aka El Chilango, who appears in photographs next to an image of the catholic saint San Judas Tadeo. While in another one he is aboard a truck and in the background you get to see what looks like a Barret .50 Caliber rifle.

This subject is also accused of being a hitman belonging to the Cartel of Los Escorpiones. He is suspected of having his area of operations in the municipality of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

It should be noted that there is no official confirmation in any of these cases why they’re being accused of being hit men for the Gulf Cartel faction.

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  1. Contras do the photo sharing to get some help since they themselves can't get at them...good move but makes contras look weak

  2. Idiots just posted their fates for rivals. Concealment of faces is compromised.
    Wish all criminals would do the same for apprehension or death.

  3. I live there, at this point the Cartel leaves us innocent people alone, hope stays that way. We have no security forces in the area, they run everything.

    1. CDG is the first and oldest mexican cartel, I believe what really messed it all up for them was creating those traitor zetas. Before all that happened I really doubt they used to mess with citizens like they do nowadays with all those different groups who don't work under the same family.

      If it's one cartel the USA govt should had been working with long time ago since the begining, that cartel should had been the CDG. There would be no damn rats like the zetas, no cdn, no cjng in these days.

      Now you have those backstabbing cds snakes waiting to take all the territory for themselves, because all that snitching those rats are doing are only helping their capos gain more turf and power, they really aren't helping the USA government control the drug traficking, they just want to turn the US into another mexico where they can do as they wish!

  4. Man I recall reading a book about a narco back in the days (80s) that killed a a person because they took a picture of him. Now you have these guys now a day taking selfie’s dumbly knowing they can be exposed. LoL The ones that I believe are the real narcos are the pictures that the government puts out and that picture is most likely 10-15-years old


  5. They are dead meat, future beheadings on the way. Now they are easy to identify.

  6. What an abhorrent fat slob.

  7. Lovely snuggling with his sweet dog and the other posing with a Jesus look alike.

    Canadian girl

  8. As the article states there is no real evidence to suggest these ‘gentleman’ (cucarachas) are Escorpiones but the goats horn would suggest criminality of some sort. That being the case, it is f*&king stupid to post pics. Come on. Grow some grey matter. The clock is now ticking....


    1. Hey frank looked at all ur posts and ur not so innocent ur self


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