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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

La Union Tepito: Depraved Extortionists

Video translation is as follows:

Ciro Gómez Leyva: In the last few hours a video has been released where you can see the beating that alleged members of La Unión cartel give to a couple of merchants in the Centro Histórico of Mexico City.

We mention this because there was a conference today at the Palacio Nacional. This was the subject of the governors, of rulers attending meetings and security. This is a broadcast about what a criminal group is doing in Mexico City.
Video translation is as follows:Male Victim: Stop!Sicario # 1: Stop what fucker, stop what, huh?Sicario # 2: Pass me the knife. The knife.Sicario # 3: It's over there.Sicario # 4: I have one right here.Sicario # 2: It’s over, it’s over you son of a bitch! This is what you wanted?
Ciro Gómez Leyva: This is a frightening video that the reporter Carlos Jimenez from Grupo Imagen Noticias obtained for us. These videos would be used by criminals to pressure family members of merchants to pay extortions, so that they would pay the extortions. And whoever doesn’t pay will be tortured by these individuals. This is being done so that they can extort their families and sow fear as well terror.

This weekend the Secretary of Security of Mexico City reported that they arrested 3 people who were selling drugs in Colonia Morelos. These 3 men are  also involved in these cases of extortion.

Imagen Noticias consulted the Attorney General of Mexico City about these videos. They inform us that so far they have not received any complaint for this type of extortion. They assured us that they have looked for the merchants so that they can make their formal denouncements. But thus far they have not succeeded in finding them. 

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Right in AMLOs back yard.

    Nice job Morena voters (sarcasm).


    1. This has been happening for years, nice try..

    2. Lo que existía ya por décadas no va ser eliminada en un sexenio y menos en un año. AMLO los tiene locos mejor ponte a trabajar y no criticando

  2. Such a complex problem...... first things first, these extortionist bully assholes and kidnapppers need to get iced or rehabilitated. Since the will and funding for rehabilitation programs is scarce, just ice the pricks.

    -‘Get in line or you will be lined up’

    I hope he meant It and follows through. The remnants of the original Guadalajara cartel have likely wisened up and are taking the reigns with the support of AMLO. if that’s the case, I have a bad feeling for menchie in 2020. The proof will be in the facts and actions of AMLO.

    Frank from Canada

  3. This is what happens when a Cartel that's not part of Sinaloa has control, it's not just chilangos, it's CJNG/CDG/CDN they all extort, El Mayo is above that he's a drug trafficker no un mugroso! Las jaliscas no mueden mucha merca por eso andan en chinga extorcionando. Le duela al quien le duela SINALO sigue rifando!

  4. Imagen's Ciro Gomez Leyva - an iteresting broadcaster to me -

    Educated in communication and masters I'm Sociology.

    Reporting, very straightforward. Great intonations, presence and articulation. Still in Mexico, and delivering such news! Is it outstanding broadcasting, showmanship, or focusing on certain cartels and their actions? Can someone tell me about this man? Hero, collected or compromised?

  5. Haven't received a complaint!? Because they are scared shitless to say a word, lest they be killed. Extortion runs rampant throughout Mexico.

  6. These are definitely crimes against humanity unheard of in the 1st world!


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