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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Syria and Mexico are global leaders in murdered journalists

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS  from SBS

Almost half of the 49 journalists murdered this year were killed in three countries-Mexico has 12 murders with 10 "motive confirmed"  Syria has 10

Image result for mexico leads the world in murdered journalist
Murdered Javier Valdez Cárdenas journalist and founder of RioDoce, lies dead in the street

At least 49 journalists and other media professionals have been killed worldwide for their work since the beginning of the year - Syria, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia topped the list of deadly countries.

Significantly fewer media workers died in armed conflicts than in previous years, RSF reported.

A country at peace like Mexico is just as dangerous for journalists today as war-torn Syria, Rediske said.

RSF head Christophe Deloire warned Mexico was particularly dangerous for journalists.

"Latin America, with a total of 14 reporters killed across the continent, has become as deadly as the Middle East," he said.

There were 86 fatalities in the same period in 2018. The organisation considers the period from the beginning of the year to 1 December.

Journalists lay down the press credentials of their murdered  colleagues in Mexican states.
Credentials on display of journalists killed in Mexico

The countries with the most journalists killed were Syria, with 10 media professionals killed, Mexico (10), Afghanistan (5), Pakistan (4) and Somalia (3). Fourteen journalists were killed across Latin America.

RSF said that 389 media professionals are currently in prison, 12 per cent more than in the previous year.

Almost half of the detained journalists are behind bars in China (120), Egypt (34) and Saudi Arabia (32), the annual report shows.

In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, most of the detainees are in prison with no verdict or charge.

In Turkey, dozens of journalists were released after prison terms during the year. However, several of them were arrested again after a short time.


  1. The cartels are terrorists and should be dealt with as such.

    1. What do you want in addition to the WoD?
      More violence?
      More guns?
      More killings?
      More orphans?

  2. The US government is the biggest drug dealer in the world !

    1. 8:55 you lose.
      11:49 the US government does not sell drugs, it just takes Big Pharma's millions and millions of dollars to make laws legalizing killer addicting drugs.
      Mariguanos got lucky their suppliers bought million dollar licenses to sell to them regular shitty mota at ten times the price.

  3. I never understand WHY posts about dead or hunted journalists get such low readership numbers. The good ones are all of our first defense mechanisms and put their and their families plus employers and comrades at risk. Without Free Speech and Journalism about atrocities, corruption, dirty wars etcetc......we go down, NOT up. Information is a, if not one of the only powerful tools in the tool-chest. Truth to power etc. PAZ

    1. My puzzlement is different---why isn't the U.S. and Canada reporting each death and making a headline issue on the subject?
      It matters very little to me how many views, I want the U.S. press to step up. They concentrate on a saudi reporter who worked for WaPo, yet Americans are clueless as to Mexico being the world leader. Last year shared with Afghanistan, this year syria....think of that it shares the 'title' with two war torn countries.

      The list is long of killed journalists in Mx. the first recorded reporter was in 1860 Vicente Segura Argüelles of Diario de Avisos---since then HUNDREDS have been killed

    2. We're not clueless at all. Your president doesnt want any help. Problem is your entire government is corrupt to its core. Its going to take a massive civil war in Mexico or another country to take over to effect any change. You're that far down the road theres no easy way out... but the whole country has accepted things as normal ( its not normal at all ). Its a cultural rot from years of letting it go on.

    3. 6:24 well said my friend..

    4. Journalism in the states is about fortune and fame. Fox has good investigative reporting at times. Aljazeera is one at the top. So much disinformation spread world wide by the billionaires who control so much of the geopolitical world through the media they own or influence $$$. Wars can be started these days by a provoking statement or video on the web. Ignorance will always be ignorance and those who choose not to be educated lazy ass sheeple or the unfortunate who have no opportunity for many reasons expecting the world to give them free stuff or a ticket to Obama land or the real world in my opinion doesn't rely on true journalism or true fact, life and death world. They solely rely on food , clothing , shelter , something or someone to believe in and the best weapon they can scrounge. Comparatively to the western world media , what is of more value , one Latin American or journalist period to lets say people tortured , mutilated , hanging from bridges to some poor Christians in Assmanistan or Nigeria beheaded by ISIS on Christmas day or some-other day by some freak evil group. Oh and hate Trump shit every moment they pathetically exist. A journalists value is not very high today as opposed to a terrorist with a camera posting on youtube, faceass or other social media outlet for fanatics. The question is why are we not combating evil with all the resources available to the world and the HUMAN RACE to do so. Evil is what it any language any religion save the freaks and fanatics. Free and democratic countries pay a dear price for their freedoms and tolerance of evil in the world as a result of geo political correctness. Its not the good guys killing journalists in my opinion. The world continues to bring a knife to a gunfight, of course Putin may disagree and hopefully (TRUMP) more will follow. Fight fire with fire not hugs and kisses

  4. agree Yaqui. Free speech is everything, the rest is propaganda. Those nations mentioned above. Bias vs. news. They attack the real reporting for a false narrative. This is always major news, usurpation of the facts.

  5. Been like that for like 4 years straight now

  6. So where the UN and ICC that hounded the philippine president? How come they come and invistigate the Mexican politicians and the drug war? Useless ICC and UN turds.

  7. They knew what the consequences were when they took the job . Its a shitty world full of shitty people doing shitty things and some of them are willing to kill those who bring light onto the darkness . Mexico has never been kind to journalist's Its not if but when the killers come will it have been worth it ? Idk


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