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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Massacre At a Narco Estate

Video translation is as follows:
Edgar: An armed attack inside a narco estate left several people dead. So far there are no detainees. Go ahead Joana. Good evening.

Johana Meza: Edgar, good evening. 2 men and 1 woman were executed inside a house. This was recorded in the subdivision Misiónes II during the early hours of this Friday.

The massacre was exposed when the residents of the Misiónes subdivision on Calle Misión de Guadalupe and Calle Montebello reported hearing multiple firearms gunfire.

Upon arrival the authorities discovered the cadavers of Aaron Bareyla Chaparro, 30 years old. 18 year old Everardo Carrillo Pizarro. And Marina Román Cabrera, 20 years old. While the lone survivor is said to be 18 years old.

Within the house 161 doses of rock cocaine were seized. As well as 13 packages of powdered cocaine. In addition to a 9 mm pistol. And 54 rounds of different calibers belonging to the deceased.

So far no leads have been established concerning the culprits. As of now expended shell casings is the only evidence that stands out. And they plan to continue the investigations to find those responsible.

Edgar: A massacre inside a house in a residential area where not everyone has access. Thank you for your Joana report. Just as well have a good evening Everardo.

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  1. That is considered a narco estate? Looks like a pretty normal house, not very impressive at all.

    1. Missiones is considered a nice neighborhood. One of the few nice ones. It's where the US Consulate is located.

    2. Compare American suburbs, to mexico indigenous. Makes it look lavish don't it? Looks like America in the nineties. Chiefly parts of East Los Angeles.
      El Smarto

    3. @9:27 the translation of 'finca' to 'estate' is not really right here. More appropriate would be 'narco property'.

      @all haters & misfits: this is my opinion, so if u don't agree go ahead and spew ur hate

    4. @1:45 Sorry but look up the SYNONYM for FINCA and it leads you to ESTATE. Think of synonyms as a different way of expressing things.

      P.S. welcome to the school of sol prendido

    5. The black market trade is very lucrative. The only option is to open it up to legal trade. The government could say, listen we will legalize Modafinil, though it is not as popular as cocaine or meth, it seems to satisfy those people that take the alpha agonists (cocaine or meth).
      As far as opiates, morphine has a long history, and thus, its has a bad name. Yet in reality, it has few side effects. The opiate agonist / antagonists such as talwin, nubain, stadol, stadol, and others, have few side effects that the standard opiate agonists. And the antagonist / agonists do not put the person into an apneic state, except very high doses and thus overdosing is rare.
      The over dosing is typically with the very potent opiates, fentanyl and remi fentanyl. Fentanyl lasts around 1 hour, it is good buzz so they say, but it lasts an hour at best and it has to be given IV. The street fentanyl has no insert, thus the people have no idea of the potency.
      Potency equal the amount of the drug to do the deed.
      Efficacy is the quality of the deed, the high.
      Remifentanyl lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. Can be put into an aresol, but best is give IV.

      If the governments would legalize all of the agonists / antagonists, and if the pharmaceuticals making the products sold them at a reasonable price, the people would move to them.
      People take the opiates because they have a health problem or a mental health problem or both.
      The manufacture sales, distribution is typically done by those that want to make money.
      They could make test kits that would allow a person to determine the amount of drug in the purchasable packet.But
      legalizing the agonist / antagonists solves the problem.
      The chance of getting an apneic episode (this is what death comes from) is rare to none.
      If it was legal, they can manufacture the agonists / antagonists for around 10 cents per buss. Butorphanol has a very long half life, 70 plus hours, thus those that use this would get a long lasting effect. In the 1990s it was sold by drug suppliers for 10 cents per amp. Today, IT IS 25 DOLLARS< A DOSE Better to have safe products on the street. Those that manufacture , sell, distribute street drugs are making a million dollrs per week It is better to make it legal and have a watchful eye

  2. Back in 2010 I was in Juarez to get my VISA to come to the USA. my mom and I hadn't planned where we were going to stay so we asked one of the consulate agencies that does shuttle service if they knew of a room to rent. So they took us to a mansion in the outskirts of Juarez. It seemed like a very good deal so we stayed. in the evening we saw about 10 recent heavy duty trucks pull up. I almost shit myself. It turns out that the mansion was used by La Linea hitmen to rest and clean their weaponry. I know because they were chilling in the front yard with AK-47s on the tables being cleaned. Some of them had hats on that read CDJ. They were cool, they asked us if we needed anything like food or drink. My mom got worried so she called the agency to pick us up. Honestly I thought they were not gonna let us go LOL. But the driver stopped by and picked us up. The hitmen even said "goodbye, good luck" to us.

    1. 2010 was the wrong year to be in Juárez.

      Actually, any year is a wrong year to be ugly Juárez. Those hitmen are likely dead now.

      *You should have taken them up on a torta and a caguama.

      Good story!


  3. ?que es? Okay, someone was getting thieir visa. Instead of an AirBNB, they shacked up, mother and child, into a Juarez estate, a great deal free breakfast with late check in/out, indoor swimming pool, exercise room along with Business Office.. Happened to be La Linesas estate. Lucky for them, it was well protected with courteous service supplied by La Lineament. Tripadviso moved them up to to 4 stars after these people reviewed on line. Great stay over all!!


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