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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Paso del Macho, Veracruz: Ex-Mayor, Rafael Pacheco, Assassinated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Infobae/ SinEmbargo
Rafael Pacheco Molina, former mayor of the municipality of Paso del Macho, Veracruz; He was shot dead one block from the municipal presidency.

According to the first inquiries, the events occurred at 6:30 this Monday, between the National streets and Hidalgo Avenue, one block from the Municipal Palace, when armed subjects intercepted him and attacked with bullets. 

An armed group arrived to where the PRD national and state advisor was and without a word, they drew their weapons and shot him,  three bullets hit the of the former Pasomachense Mayor and he died immediately. The attackers fled without being arrested, although Police headed to the scene as soon as they heard the bullets ring out.

The ex-mayor's body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service in the San Miguelito ejido in Córdoba.
The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Veracruz deployed an operation in the area to provide support and assist in the development of investigations.

"Forces of the federal, state and municipal order have been deployed in the area carrying out surveillance work with the purpose of maintaining tranquility among the inhabitants of this region," the agency wrote on Twitter.

The national leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Angel Romero, condemned the aggression and asked the authorities to clarify the facts.

“The @PRDMexico condemns the cowardly murder of our partner Rafael Pacheco Molina, who was three times mayor of the municipality of Paso del Macho, Veracruz. We demand that the authorities clarify this fact and bring those responsible to justice, ” he published on social networks.
Pacheco Molina worked in the current town hall as Public Works Manager and advisor to Mayor Fernando León Trejo .

Last April, Marcela Valleja Orea, mayor of Mixtla de Altamirano , her husband and their driver were killed in an ambush on the federal highway Zongolica-Orizaba, at the height of the community of Atlanta, in the municipality of Los Reyes, in Veracruz .

According to witnesses, the van in which Valleja Orea and her companions were traveling was intercepted by a command. Her husband, Efrén Zopiyactle Tlaxcaltecatl, was a municipal treasurer.

Orea had indicated a few months ago that she was worried about her safety after receiving death threats. The mayor of Zongolica, Carlos Mezhua , confirmed the death of the three people through social networks.

"I want to refer to a very serious event that happened a moment ago, the municipal president of Mixtla, Maricela Vallejo Orea and her husband, Efrén Zopiyactle, was killed in the city of Los Reyes, " he said in a video posted on Facebook.

In the Chamber of Deputies , during the discussion of educational reform, near dawn, the crime was also reported.

Mezhua asked the mayors and authorities of the area to install a security table, as well as the federal and state government to give results in the fight against crime.
Months later, in November, the former mayor of Mixtla de Altamirano, María Angélica Méndez Margarito, was arrested by ministerial elements for her probable responsibility in the crime of qualified manslaughter of the municipal president Maricela Vallejo Orea, which occurred on April 24 of this year.

In a statement, the State Attorney General's Office informed that elements of the Ministerial Police carried out a successful operation for the arrest of María Angélica for her probable responsibility for the crime of manslaughter qualified in court of Marisela Valleja.
The detention was carried out in the municipality of Zongolica, around the Social Readaptation Center of that place, when the defendant went to a conjugal visit with her husband, Ricardo "N", who served as a trustee in his administration and was arrested on August 20, as one of the main suspects.

In January, the mayor of Astacinga, Antonio Ramírez Itahua was shot in an ambush, and days later, on February 13, Adalberto Moreno, former mayor of San Juan Evangelista, was killed.

The attackers allegedly fled to the municipality of Orizaba.

Last January she was one of the speakers during the presentation of the Zero Tolerance strategy against violence against women and girls in Veracruz, where she proposed the creation of an address for women in each municipality.


  1. No help from Amlo, but Why?

  2. "Deployed". Definition= let's drive around and make it look like we are protecting the citizens even though we probably know who the perpetrators were and colluding with them.


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