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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Monterrey, Nuevo León: Los Zetas Reigned in the Topo Chico Prison

Video translation is as follows:
On September 30, the Topo Chico prison in Nuevo León was closed after 76 years of operation. And with it a black history as well as violence was commanded there by drug trafficking. 
In its worst years, the Topo Chico prison was controlled by Los Zetas and the worst riots happened in the prisons of Mexico. 
It was February 2016 when 2 gangs participated in a criminal riot to take control of the dormitories that housed the operatives Iván Hernández Cantú aka El Credo who was linked to the Gulf Cartel. And Juan Pedro Saldivar Farías aka El Z-27 of Los Zetas who had just arrived at that prison.
El Credo was arrested in 2012 and was convicted of kidnapping and selling drugs for the Gulf Cartel in the municipalities of Juárez, San Nicolas, Guadalupe and Apodaca. While El Z-27 was captured in 2013 and was designated as the alleged regional head of Los Zetas in Tamaulipas. 
Among the atrocious acts of that prominent mutiny that happened within Dormitary C where the cell of El Credo and several of his nearby men were it was set on fire.
As a result of the riot there were 49 people killed and 22 others injured. Of which 5 were left in serious conditions. On account of this El Z-27 was the one who seized the Topo Chico prison. 
A tour of the area in this prison as well as the story of Roberto Flores the Attorney General of Nuevo León and Juan Martínez Gonzales, director of said jail within the facilities, show the horror of Topó Chico. 
In the Dormitory E was the cell of El Z-47. Which was at the end of the hallway. Surrounded by what were the cells of his escorts. Saldivar Farías's cell was larger than the other inmates. He also had paintings on the walls. Even a map of Mexico where he would show off the presence of Los Zetas within the country’s states. 
In front of the map, El Z-47 had installed a jacuzzi as well as televisions, armchairs and tile on the floor. That dormitory’s hallway that housed the cell of Juan Pedro Saldivar Farías was converted into a disco club and dubbed as Los Zetas Hallway. 
All the cells along Los Zetas Hallway were wood paneled with black paint. There was no visibility. Next to the Dormitory E was an annexed roof which was converted into a bar. This was a Los Zetas bar. 
The inmates converted the place into a bar with kitchen. Now it serves as a bakery after being rescued by the prison authorities. Los Zetas even went so far as to have appropriated the prisons chapel. 
And they turned it into a sanctuary to worship the Santa Muerte. From his cell El Z-27 controlled the sale of alcoholic beverages, drugs, the use of conjugal areas, and even had a network of prostitution. 
In 2016 the authorities finally entered the prison and destroyed the luxuries of El Z-27. This was the video released by the authorities.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Lord only knows what really made them go in there...

  2. Even the low level prisoners get extorted
    Paying piso/cuota just to stay out of problems while doing jail time

    1. Any prison/jail you'll have to put some work or become a victim.

  3. So what happens to 27

    1. It mentions z27 and z47 how many zetas were there?

    2. I think he got transferred to a Jalisco jail
      Credo in gto

  4. Mi comandante z27 el flaco,el siempre fue fiel ala letra y hasta la fecha. A su mando y del comandante perro le dimos unos Buenos vergasos a los golfas en toda la frontera chica nunca nos aguitomos y fueramos ganado todo ese Terreno nomas que las golfas les gustava meter al gobierno en esto y asi no de pudo . Z27 es comandante grande de nuevo laredo,asi como lo era la adrdilla guerra,pimpon, perro,malandro,grande,quemado,bebe, Todos fueron mandos mios en la riberena y fueron companeros tambien que se les extraña y se la rifaron bien machin.


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