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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Los Artistas Asesinos Attempt Using Baby to Outwit Authorities

A cell of the murderous Artistas Asesinos gang that used a baby to go unnoticed were arrested by municipal agents when they were carrying marijuana.

The arrest was carried out in the streets of the Pancho Villa neighborhood, where preventive agents intercepted a Nissan, Xterra with criminals on board.

They carried 330 marijuana bricks weighing 150 kilos.

In addition a .40 caliber pistol with 12 bullets and a tactical vest. Five members of the criminal group “Artistas Asesinos" were arrested.

Among them a 17-year-old girl and her 4-month-old daughter, who was used as a distractor to evade the authorities.

The detainees were consigned to the Attorney General's Office and the baby to social work of the municipal police corporation.

Video translation is as follows:
Gabriela: ... made arrests of who and with what exactly? Good afternoon.

Hugo Argumedo: That's right Gabriela it looks extremely impressive. At 17, a young woman, she takes her child along with members of a dangerous gang. We know them as Los Doblados or Los Artistas Asesinos. Take a look at this, half a million pesos in drugs. Marijuana. And their payment would’ve been 20 pounds of drugs to be sold amongst them. From this the 5 detainees were to cover their expenses.

Let me tell you how all this came about.The Municipal Police obtained prior information from previous arrests that told them how they distribute, or how they move this drug. Well, they told them that on board a Nissan Xterra truck. And an operation was set up in the streets of the Colonia Pancho Villa. They managed to locate that vehicle with 5 people inside on Felipe Ángeles and Martín López streets.

I will mention the names of those who were arrested. This is Joshua N.C. 22 years old, Luis Patricio A. of 26, Osvaldo N.G. of 41, Isaías G. of 28, Gustavo R.M. of 26. And a 17-year-old teenager with her 4-month-old baby who was used to try to outwit the authorities. These individuals had tactical equipment in their possession. Such as plate carriers, firearms, as well as the 330 pounds of weed.

Which they had to guard and then deliver to other individuals. Because the drug was destined for the United States. In other words, it’s obviously illegal to cross into the United States, it was to be sold in that country. Also another of the things that they admitted to is that they’re members of this gang. And that their payment was in drugs. They had in their possession a loaded .40 caliber pistol. What’s interesting is that they had in their possession a tactical vest.

Gabriela: I think it was the best thing that could’ve happened to this baby. That they were captured, and she was taken away from her family. Because they have no interest or commitment to move this child forward as a person of good. This child is already a witness and to be here obviously for this woman to use her as a cover up for this whole mess. No way can they tell us they didn't know any better. It’s weird how any of this has come to pass in our neighborhood. Hugo, you’ve narrated several amazing stories for us. Thank you for your report sir. Have a good afternoon.

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  1. Why should this surprise anyone. Border patrol come across grandmothers with their grandchildren smuggling.

    1. Right on. If I was a gangsta I would 'ask' a 17 yo with a baby to come along as well.

      AND I'm sure that if I put my gun to her baby's little knee cap that the mother would be more than willing to ride along.

      Heck, I'd even throw her some pesos afterwards because they both do look a bit hungry.

  2. Cheap Ass S&W Sigma with some old ass bullets lol


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