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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cesar The Abuser Captured


On the FBI website, it appeared as "wanted for its alleged participation in drug trafficking between 2007 and 2017 in the countries of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia and the continental United States and Puerto Rico."

“César el Abusador” was arrested thanks to an operation executed by the Colombian Police, under the coordination of the Dominican Prosecutor's Office and in collaboration with the United States Marshals. The triangular operation that has allowed it to be captured in the Bocagrande sector, in Cartagena, began a week ago with several operations that allowed it to detect that the fugitive had traveled from the Dominican Republic to Colombia.

Specifically, Peralta managed to leave Dominican soil by sea, in a boat, from a point on the southwest coast, between Pedernales and Barahona, said the president of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), Félix Alburquerque Comprés, in a wheel Press release with other authorities.

The National Intelligence Directorate (DNI), the National Police (PN), the Ministry of Defense and the Attorney General's Office of the Dominican Republic (PGR) were part of the investigations and processes that allowed the arrest of Peralta with four other people.

The other detainees are three Colombians and a Dominican who have not yet been identified, said Albuquerque Comprés, who stressed that the time spent in detaining Peralta (four months) is a world record for speed.

"Never in the history of organized crime in the world had he been arrested so quickly" to the head of a criminal network, he said, and gave as examples that the Colombian Pablo Escobar was four years fugitive and the Mexican Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán spent five years Fled from justice
The Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, indicated that since the capture of the Abuser, the local authorities have kept in touch with the Colombian authorities to proceed to the extradition of the alleged capo, either directly to the United States or through the Caribbean country, although the first “option is the most practical".

To dismantle the organization headed by Peralta, more than 60 operations have been carried out that have allowed 18 people to be arrested, including Peralta, leader of what is considered the largest criminal gang in the Dominican Republic, the official said.

Three of those 18 detainees for their alleged membership in the criminal gang have been extradited to the United States, another is in the process of being detained and the rest were given different criminal measures, including Peralta's own wife.

In addition, the operations involved the closure and seizure of some twenty establishments that the organization used to carry out its activities, said the attorney.

César Emilio Peralta was a fugitive since August 8, when the police dismantled his band in an operation of unprecedented dimensions for the Caribbean country, which then issued an international red alert to request the collaboration of the International Police (Interpol).

The anti-drug operation involved about 700 people, including 500 police and military personnel, who were deployed simultaneously in dozens of local gangs in Santo Domingo and in the cities of Santiago (noret) and La Romana (east).

According to the US Government, Peralta and his band have been sending “tons of cocaine and significant amounts of opioids”  to the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe for years.

El Abuser's face was known and respected in the Capital of the Caribbean country, even though his ties with drugs were no secret to anyone.

The alleged boss was the owner of at least 40 business premises that served as a meeting place for the gang, as well as prostitution premises for women trafficked from Venezuela and Colombia.


  1. Excellent 👍 more criminals into the slammer, also MEXICO law, learn from the FBI bulletin, they don't cover thier eye's, nor block or hide thier names. America arrest them, but MEXICO sets them free.

    1. Only the deceased show face. While criminals are respected.
      That's some messed up shit.

  2. He probably abused his wife as well

  3. If he’s been drug trafficking on a transnational scale since 2007, how is this a quick pursuit?

    1. Because the roll of the dice didn't prevent officials to nab him.


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