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Friday, December 20, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: A Bloody Christmas For the Police

Video translation is as follows:
Hello everyone good morning. We currently find ourselves at the Colonia Azteca where an armed attack against Municipal Agents took place a few moments ago according to initial reports. 
This is what was initially reported. This report occurs accordingly on Calle Quichés and Calle Nahoas. However, we are here on Calle Quichés between Calle Yaquis and Calle Tlaxcaltecas where a vehicle was located. 
We don’t know if was abandoned or if there is someone inside. Perhaps a dead person inside or what actually is in this vehicle. However they are reviewing to assure themselves. The Ministerial Elements as well as the crime scene experts are currently working in this place.
The crime scene has been cordoned off. This area is popularly known as Las Pillas. The municipal water filtration plant can be seen there. This is Calle Yaquis and Calle Quichés. We can see the movement of Police Elements here at this location.
Several units are here. There is an intense operation underway in the area in search of those responsible. There is also unofficially talk of 3 people arrested. No further details are given about these detainees. However there is also this vehicle.
Elements just as well talk of another vehicle. A Chrysler 300 that was also transferred to the Estación Distrito Universidad that is located here very close to the Eje Vial Juan Gabriel.
We can also see that the Ministerial Elements are already moving away. We don’t know if they’re going to wait for the arrival of other crime scene experts. Or if there is something inside this vehicle that as we’ve seen they were checking.
We repeat this was an armed attack against Municipal Agents. The report was given because support was requested in this area due to reported gunfire. The neighbors also confirmed that several shots were heard. 
It was said that the exchange of gunfire and the shooting was intense. A chase ensued in the area. This version of gunfire has been confirmed. However, let's wait for the official version from the authorities.
We repeat this is the Colonia Azteca. Calle Quiche and Calle Yaquis. We are on Calle Quichés and Calle Yaquis where the street is closed. Its been cordoned off.
There are crime scene cords here that are currently protecting the area for Police Agents. And they are conducting an investigation on a white vehicle that’s there in the background with the doors and trunk open.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source 


  1. Cuauhtémoc police also suffered losses.

  2. Could take it easy and really report something worthwhile chole,
    Who cares what supposedly happened and strange movements of nobody knows who shot at what and we don't know who got killed or injured or if they were police or criminals or just Falsos Positivos?


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